World of Tanks EU – top of the Tree – 20 September 20 October 2020

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The latest installment of Top of the Tree paves the way for an interesting tank destroyer. The American T110E4 is an excellent choice for commanders who prefer flexible gameplay and quick decision-making over established rules and tactics .  

Direct your guns towards victory from September 20, 07:00 CEST until October 20, 07:00 CEST (UTC + 2), and take advantage of discounts and missions on your way to the top. Don’t forget that you can also purchase an extra boost if you really want to speed up your progress!

Discounts per branch

50% discount30% discount
tier 2/5tier 6/10

Missions up to Tier X

Available from September 20 07:00 CEST to October 20 07:00 CEST (UTC + 2)

For a month, every day, there will be reason to fight! These include daily x5 XP per vehicle, Crew XP bonuses, and other valuable rewards to help you reach Tier X. Details of the mission can be found below:

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Crew Experience Points


  •  2x Crew XP


  • Play a battle.
  • Be in the top seven of your team by base experience earned.


  • This mission is only available for the vehicles that this offer applies to.

Destructive Strike


  •  6500 XP
  • 1x Personal Reserve: + 50% XP for 1 hour


  • Deal a total of 20,000 damage over any number of battles.


  • 10 times per account.
  • Only on the following vehicles: tier 6/10
  • The XP earned will be assigned to the vehicle with which you completed the mission.



  •  20,000 XP


  • Deal a total of 200,000 damage over any number of battles.
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  • Only once per account.
  • Only on the following vehicles: tier 6/10



  •  1x Large repair kit
  •  1x Large First Aid Kit
  •  1x Automatic fire extinguisher
  •  1x Personal Reserve: + 300% Crew XP for one hour


  • Play 5 battles.
  • Be in the top ten players on your team by base experience earned.


  • Repeated.
  • Only in tier 10

Get to the top of the tree faster

If you are not satisfied with the daily, 5x free battle XP bonus for each tank in this line, you can always choose an additional boost. These packs will be available from the moment the new Top of the Tree starts and will help you get it even faster.

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