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WOT Pack 42 “Shamrock” from Prime Gaming for March 2023 is out. 

Caliban to everyone!

Shamrock Pack 42 Live Stream Official Dates: March 17 20:00 to April 20 20:00 (UTC) 2023

Changes in the 42 set “Worthy Sequel”:
1) Still, this set cannot be obtained on the RU-region
2) Some reward limits have been expanded for this set:
• instead of 2 rewards to choose from, this time are 3 rewards
• instead of 10 days of rent, 14 days
2 times more BR by x5
2 times more number of Great decals per account

3) Commanders within this shares recently have no restrictions on recruitment (perpetual).

And now the full composition of the 42 Amazon set:

From the proposed list of 6 things, you can choose 3 pieces. Make your choice consciously, gifts cannot be changed!

1) Prem tank lvl 8 Caliban for rent for 14 days + 100% crew and the ability to redeem with a 15% discount.
2) Prem tank lvl 8  Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC for rent for 14 days + 100% crew and the ability to redeem with a 15% discount.
3) Prem tank lvl 8  Löwe for rent for 14 days +100% crew and the possibility to redeem with a 15% discount.
4) Prem tank lvl 7  AT 15A for rent for 14 days + 100% crew and the ability to redeem with a 20% discount.
5) 5 BR for x5 experience (for victory).
6) 5 pcs. Tea pudding (UK outfit).
* 3 selected tanks are available for rent, within 14 days of receiving the Shamrock pack. If you want them to stay with you forever, you can buy them using the discounts included in the package.

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Players can redeem them only in the premium store (on the site, for real) within 90 days after the start of the distribution of the package (the beginning of the promotion itself). Those. until June 15, 2023. After receiving the set, you will immediately open ALL 4 offers for the purchase of tanks from this set in the premium store.

Everything is as usual, familiar to us. Just gifts that you will receive in any case immediately after connecting this set.

1) Ciarán Hillen [1 pc.] – a unique commander with the “Brothers in Arms” skill, as well as the “Repair” and “Jack of All Trades” skills forever!
* Commander is available for all nations. “Combat Nobility” comes as a zero perk. You can’t change your specialty.


“I’m a big rugby fan. And what can I tell you – as soon as they brought me here, I immediately felt like a fish in water. Well, if you think about it. 15 vs 15 skirmishes? Eat. Different roles on the field? Eat. Tactical diversity? Eat. Power tricks? Lots! It’s a pity there is no referee – local guys sometimes get up to complete game. So I’ll probably do a couple more fights and back to my place, if you don’t mind, buddy.”

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2) Special Large decal: “Coin”. [6 pcs]
3) Special Large decal: “It’s all about the hat.” [6 pcs]
4) 1 day of Tank Premium Account.
5) 10 BR for x5 experience (for victory).
** Plus, you can get 10 more for completing Combat missions of 42 sets (until April 20).
6) New medal: “Shamrock”.
7) Combat missions 42 sets.

For 6 BR in total you can get:
– 2 times more crew experience. 10 times a day (350 times in total, if no passes)
– 10 Large Repair Kits
– 10 Large First Aid Kits
– 10 Automatic Fire Extinguishers
– 5 Personal Reserves: +100% Combat XP
– 10 Personal Reserves: +300% Combined XP
– 10 more additional Combat XP tasks for x5 experience for a victorious battle (performed on vehicles with a “removed” star for the first victory)

*** Tasks are available until April 20, 2023, 14:00 (UTC). Resetting tasks occurs every day. Rewards for completing combat missions are summed up subject to all conditions and restrictions.

This is the full contents of the 42nd From the Future Pack for March 2023.

This promotion is available for all regions except RU.

source – wotexpress

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