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Historical Krayt 3D style for the 121B tank.

All players who are in the Top 10,000 by personal fame points in the current summer event at the Iron Age Group of Companies will receive it.

• Unique marks: yes.
The marks represent the head of the snake. This is the first 3D style with unique markers for mainline vehicles.

Krayt – “So many stars. And after all, each has a name, someone once discovered it, entered it into a special atlas, all kinds of research. constellations again. Here is the “Southern Cross”, that’s exactly it. It’s the only one I’ve taken apart. Who knew that here, in the wilderness, knowledge of astronomy would be so acutely lacking – it would be something to occupy oneself while waiting for an order? Well, it’s unbearable. Again recalculate the hardware fastening nuts. One hundred and fourteen of them, hardly anything has changed in a day. I envy the driver – he is the son of a carpenter, how cleverly he cuts boats out of bark, how factory products are obtained. Busy man. Doesn’t notice the time.

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You lie like this on the armor, you look into the night. How missing is the map of the starry sky … “

Historical. Group: Special. You can apply stage decals. Those. price: 3000 gold. Tank only: 121B. Maximum per account: 1. ID: 655.

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source – wotexpress

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