World of Tanks – new historical 3d style for Type 59 – Old Man


Historical 3D style “Old Man” for the Type 59 tank. A 3D skin has finally arrived for the legend. For Type 59 G, the style does not fit.

Old Man – “There is a fine line between punishment and testing. Colleagues do not see her and chuckle. But I and my crew are glad that they gave us this car. The entire unit has already switched to Type 88, and our tank is the last of its kind. But it is in service, fully functional, and it is not yet time to tow it to the museum. Maneuvers will soon begin, and the authorities will come to conduct a review of material. This is where we will show that the “old man” can still make a fuss. In all these newfangled tanks, a bunch of electronics, autonomous systems, and everything that can fail at any moment. And then what? Pure mechanics and crew skills. We went through so much with him, can’t we master the next maneuvers? “Old Man” will outlive all these newfangled toys, trust me. No chips will replace the soul. And our tank has it, I’m sure. Know only change the filters according to the regulations,

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Historical. Group: Special. Price: 3500 gold. Tank only: Type 59. Maximum per account: 1. ID: 515.

source – wotexpress

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