World of Tanks – new Reddit Q&A – 18 07 2019


Special shells and equipment.

Q: How did testing the new shell rebalance concept go?

  • The second iteration is still in progress. We prepare data and plan further iterations. As you can see, there are still a few tests to use.

Q: What will the “gold-dependent” tanks after premium ammunition rebalance be?

  • We think that they will be rebalanced and refreshed 😉

Q: How will these changes affect premium tanks in terms of profitability, which mainly depends on the damage and cost of the missiles?

  • We will deal with the issues of profitability of tanks only when we recognize that the chosen direction is right.

High Explosives.

Q: Is it planned to change the HE shells for all vehicles or for specific lines? Players are increasingly using HE because they do not require targeting weakspots and can inflict guaranteed damage.

  • Our goal is to create three types of shells that would be used in specific situations in battle. Possible directions of changes for HE shells we want to present to the players at the next iteration of “Sandboxes”.

Q: Will there be a change in stun mechanics?

  • We are not planning yet.


Q: Will there be new maps in the near future?

  • We have not restored all the old ones. Currently, work is underway on a new map dedicated to the “Front Line” mode, soon it will be possible to try it out in the game. We are also planning to work on the Pearl River. We will improve “Minsk” and “Przełęcz” awaits in the queue.

Q: Is there a chance to remove the possibility of crawling over the house wall and overturning the tank? Or the situation in which the vehicle is unable to enter a gentle driveway and slides?

  • Yes, we know what it is. This is a problem related to the use of Havok technology. We are already working with the Havok developer to solve these and several other problems related to this particular mechanics. We hope everything will work.

Q: At the moment, the game allows you to exclude unlikely maps when drawing battles. Is there a chance to introduce a different mechanism – that the indicated maps should be drawn more often?

  • In a slightly different form than you describe, but we have something like this in plans.

Q: Will there be other maps commemorating the city heroes, such as “Minsk”?

– It’s possible.

Premium account.

Q: I bought a premium account for 30 days and had to leave for 2 weeks. Will it be possible to pause the duration of the premium account?

  • We do not have something like that in our plans. But we’re exploring other premium account development methods.

Q: Will it be possible to enter a premium account not for a limited time, but for the number of battles played?

Personal reserves play this role.


Q: Will new 3D styles for X tier vehicles be introduced into the game, as in the New Year’s packages? One would like to distinguish something more than just the color and the sticker.

  • We’re working on it. In the near future available 3D styles will be much more.

Q: Can you enter tools for players that allow them to create camouflage and graphic elements themselves?

  • We have such intentions, but it will be “as soon as possible”.


Q: Is there any plans to draw teams for standard battles and other game modes based on the WTR rankings?

  • Somehow this is done by the Ranking Battles. We are currently working on further development.

Q: Is it possible to solve the problem of “one-sided and fast battles” with matchmaker?

  • Interesting fact that even in the gold league of the Battle Battles there were fast battles. Balance in terms of skill will not solve this problem. Nevertheless, we are trying to use the matchmaker to limit the amount of such skirmishes.

Q: Do you plan to limit the number of individual types of vehicles per team?

  • Artillery already has such a limitation – a maximum of 3 per team. Technically, this opportunity came with the new matchmaker. But for now, we do not see any practical sense in this. But if you need to change, you can do it quite simply.


Q: Will there be changes in the perk system?

  • Yes, we’re working on it.

Q: Will the damage mechanics of the modules be improved?

  • At the moment, we do not have it in the plans.

Q: Do you plan to eliminate the possibility of team damage in standard battles?

  • In the near future (already done)

Q: Why when tanking any obstacle the tank behaves like on an ice rink? This often happens when the tank lands down, for example when falling into water and during vehicle rollovers.

  • It’s a problem with physics at Havok. As we mentioned, we are already working on this with people from Havok.

Q: Will new class mechanics or percents appear? For example – a player launches a perk, thanks to which he receives 50% of damage for the next 20 seconds.

  • We try not to introduce mechanics completely detached from reality.

Q: Will you be able to hide your online status and nickname by your friends in the game?

  • We are just working on the first version of the “anonymizer” that will appear quite soon. Later, we will expand its functionality.
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Personal missions.

Q: Are there any changes to some personal missions for arty due to changes in the stun mechanics?

  • For now, we analyze the effects of the changes. If it turns out that it has significantly impeded the performance of some personal missions, we will introduce changes.

Q: What are your plans for the next personal mission campaign?

  • None at the moment, because few players have completed their last campaign.

Q: Something about thinking about personal missions in terms of their simplification?

  • Recently, we’ve done a lot to simplify personal missions. We do not plan global difficulty nerf.

Special events.

Q: Can we expect a similar quality content, reminiscent of Ranking Battles or CW at MG for X tier vehicles?

  • We are just wondering what the qualitative content for the next year should look like. We have different visions, but it is too early to say something specific.

Q: Will there be new battle modes like “assault” or “encounter battle”?

  • We are constantly testing new battle modes during special events. If during these tests we find one that will be worth leaving in the game permanently, we will definitely do it.

Q: Will the black market appear again? Or some analog of it, for example, auctions?

  • We are evaluating the results of the event which was the “Black Market”. We will make a decision when we finish the analysis.

Q: Can we expect some competition modes in the game? 5 × 5 or 7 × 7 mode? Any other formats?

  • Yes, we are just radically modifying the tournament functionality in which very diverse formats will be available. With his help, we want to renew the spirit of competition in WoT, restoring the tournament modes interest and value for players, and in addition, introduce the function of the tournament in the game client in a comfortable installment.

Q: Do you extend the “Meritorious Award” for old players?

  • Yes. And exactly how – you will find out soon.

Q: Next year will be 75 years from the Great Victory [over Nazism]. Do you plan an event or holiday mode to celebrate this anniversary?

  • Yes, we are thinking about a whole series of activities.

Q: What will be the fate of World of Tanks Classic?

  • Mystery!

Q: Will old Christmas game modes return like “Nostalgia Operation”, “Winter Battle”, “Dark Side of the Moon”, “Leviathan Invasion”?

  • This year we promised to restore tank races and we will keep our word. As for the other modes – watch the news.

Player vs. Vs. Environment.

Q: Is it planned to introduce PvE mode to the game, with missions and some story?

  • We have been working on the PvE mode for some time, we practiced it in Halloween mode. For now, bots are a relatively expensive solution because they work on server resources. We plan to develop this idea further, including the use of bots for training in various game modes.


Q: Is it planned to introduce new modifications to the client? How to increase the zoom of the viewfinder, etc.

  • Yes, we cyclically add functionality to the client from popular modifications.

Q: Are you planning to disable XVM?

  • We’re working on an “anonymizer” that will be available soon.

Forbidden mods.

Q: Will there be an “amnesty” of ban?

  • There are discrepancies between team members on this topic. For now, we do not see any sensible solution.

Q: Will security be introduced before the installation of prohibited modes?

  • We are looking for such a variant of protection, so that players can easily use allowed fashions. Even if electronic signatures were introduced, it is impossible to rule out the appearance of prohibited features hidden in mods at first glance, harmless. This means that in addition to signing formal agreements with mod developers, we would also have to analyze the exact source code of each modification in terms of the presence of such prohibited functionalities.


Q: Will there be more severe penalties for the use of prohibited mods and bots?

  • Penalties are already quite severe – permban for recidivism.

Q: Will there be more severe punishments for players who block, push others and inflict team damage?

  • We consider the current penalties to be severe enough. But we’re going to improve the ability to report unsportsmanlike behavior.

Game interface.

Q: When will the fix of the split viewfinder appear on the horizon?

  • Now the team is working on problems with Havok technology, causing the appearance of invisible or obsolete elements of the environment. The problem with the crosshair is next on the list. We are pissed off by ourselves.

Q: Are you planning to introduce a more diverse personalization of the viewfinder in the game?

  • And leave half the moders out of work? No, we do not plan.

Q: Can we expect the introduction of the commander camera and the possibility of forced zoom (x2 / x4) in sniper mode without additional modifications?

  • Very likely, we’re working on fixes for some interface elements. We are done – we will choose next tasks. Perhaps it is from these.

Q: Will there be full information on shells in the garage / battle? For example about the cumulative shells, what penetration they have at what distance, what is the speed of the shell’s flight, etc.?

  • We have a strong resolve to bring order to the miniature of tanks and modules. Add the ability to view the armor, test shots, better and more complete information about the tank and its modules. Currently, this task is in pre-production. Which means that it will soon be implemented.
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Q: Will there be protection from an urgent clicking on the mini-map?

  • Yes.

Q: Can you add the option “only tech tree tanks” to the filters in the tank carousel?

  • Thank you for the idea, we will think about it.

Q: Will there be a platoon search engine? You press the button and a list of players who are waiting for the invitation to the platoon appears.

  • Yes, we have it in our plans.

Q: Will it be possible to display all the parameters of the tank and the collision model of the armor in the garage?

  • Not in the garage, but in the preview. And in the near future. We are not sure if “everything-everything”, but it will be better and more than now.

Q: Players we have added to the “blacklist” are seen in the battle with the appropriate marker. Is it possible to do similarly for friends and clans?

  • Good idea, we’ll think.

Q: When will the interrupt problems in the chat in the game client be fixed?

  • Currently, we are thinking about a global change in the chat system, including voice chat. This is a serious task related to the replacement of old communication technologies with new ones. And we will finish them, unfortunately, not soon. But we think that this will allow this and other problems related to communication to be solved.

Q: Will there be a marker in the game informing about the number of master badges earned on a given tank?

– Yes, but in an unexpected form.

Answers to the questions of English-speaking players.

  • the collection of questions for developers takes place periodically in the large, English-speaking Reddit community regarding WoT. Here are some of the questions and answers.

Q: Will there be weakspots on the fronts of the super-heavy tanks along with the changes in the mechanics of the missiles? They are not there yet.

  • If the changes of missiles and hit points hit the main servers, then we will analyze the behavior of all tanks in the new conditions. But for now, we can not say anything more.

Q: Have you ever thought of making a separate class of super combat tanks?

  • No, we did not consider such a possibility. But we understand that super-heavy vehicles are significantly different from other heavy tanks, so the matchmaker includes special rules for super heavies. And in addition, we are already working on amendments to the communication system that will let the allies scream “Achtung! Maus! “Much easier than now.

Q: You mentioned that this year there will be changes in the E-100 line. Will this cause the buff of the first and second tiger? What characteristics are you planning to change? When will these changes occur?

  • We are currently working in the “Sandbox” on the new balance for all tiers and tanks. Therefore, we stop some changes in favor of the current game balance mechanics. But we will accept them when the balance from “Sandbox” satisfies both players and us. And if we do not accept them, the suspended changes will be put into the current balance.

Q: After the Japanese heavy tanks have undergone rebalance and become much less toxic, have you made any plans for the Japanese Tier VIII premium tank?

  • We are currently conducting research on other lines of the Japanese tree, so far we have no plans for the Japanese premium tank. But thank you for the idea.

Q: Is there a chance to enter an overturned vehicle map on the mini-map? Let allies help such a tank? You could change the F7 button to “Help, I knocked over the tank”.

  • We have a general plan to improve the communication between players.

Q: Will there be styles and emblems from the anime “Girls and Panzer” anime?

  • We are conducting talks on extending cooperation with “Girls und Panzer”. If they go well, then yes, we will introduce such.

Q: A situation with experienced tankers playing on fully developed vehicles with well-trained crews against novice players. Do you have any idea to solve this problem?

  • Finally, we came to this problem and plan to solve it quite quickly.

Q: The current system of retraining and retraining of the crew is complicated and uncomfortable. The most noticeable is on low tiers. Are you planning any changes?

  • We promised to improve the crew training system and we are still working on it. The new system will include a solution to this and many other problems.

Q: Can premium vehicles change affiliation to a nation? It is said about “Rudy” to make a Polish tank out of it. There is also FCM 36 Pak 40 and LeFH18 B2. These are German vehicles, not French ones.

  • We will introduce it soon.

Q: Will there be any epic, valuable rewards for the number of battles or years in the game?

  • Such prizes appear as part of the “Meritorious Reward” program.

Q: Are you planning to create a training room / training ground to test equipment, camouflage, etc.?

  • Not in the near future, but we’re working on it.

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