World of Tanks – New Year Offensive 2021 – new medals stripes and marks

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New medals and stripe in the New Year’s offensive 2021.

Medal: “Top ten”.

• The more decorations are located at the facilities in the Hangar, the brighter the festive atmosphere will become.
• Awarded to all players who have met the prerequisite during the 2020-2021 New Year Special.
Get the X level of the festive atmosphere by taking part in the New Year’s promotion.

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Medal: “It’s in the bag.”

Awarded for completing the corresponding Chuck mission during the New Years Offensive 2021 event.
* Awarded for all completed Chuck’s Battlegrounds (32 pcs.).

Stripe: “Cold calculation”.

Upgrade the holiday atmosphere to Tier X as part of the 2021 New Years Offensive. Replaces last year’s patch.
* Ie the old patch will be removed when a new one is received

New Years Offensive 2021: Unique marks for 2D style.

For the first time, the developers have added unique markings to the 2D style, this style is the chuck style: “Absolutely (not) penetrable armor”.

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This fist on this style replaces the usual national markings. When placing this 2D style on a tank, you cannot select marks separately.

source – wotexpress

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