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World of Tanks news 02 02 2015

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– various types of armored steel (with different brittleness for example) are not represented in WoT (SS: they used to be, very long time ago – some vehicles had different steel quality coefficients, this was removed because it was confusing to players)
– according to Storm, Wargaming implements armor as such: if there is an official document, they use official numbers. If there is no official armor thickness document, they decide the armor thicknesses themselves
– E-25 dimensions are unhistorical? “We made it according to sources we had at that time.” (SS: the argument was that the player thinks E-25 in the game is smaller than in real life, Storm disagress – funny about those sources available though, Panzer Tracts have been along for a long time)


It’s true, E-25 in the game is too small. Storm confirmed the model length, width and height in his answers. Here’s how they compare to real values from Panzer Tracts 20-1 by Hilary Doyle.

Ingame width according to Storm: 2,78 meters
Real width according to Doyle (PT 20-1): 3,41 meters

Ingame height according to Storm: 1,75 meters
Real height according to Doyle (PT 20-1): 2,03 meters

Ingame hull length according to Storm: 4,5 meters
Real hull length according to Doyle (PT 20-1): 5,66 meters

  • – Vari tipi di acciaio (con diverse fragilità per esempio) non sono rappresentati in WoT.
  • – Storm afferma che la Wargaming implementa la corazza come tale: se c’è un documento ufficiale, allora utilizzano numeri ufficiali. Se non vi è nessun documento ufficiale, i devs decidono la corazza e lo spessore 
  • – le dimensioni dell’E25 antistoriche? “lo Abbiamo fatto secondo fonti dell’epoca.” (non proprio. Ecco i valori di Panzer Tracts 20/1 paragonati con quelli in gioco:
  • larghezza in gioco: 2,78 metri
    larghezza reale  PT 20-1: 3,41 metri
  • altezza in gioco: 1,75 metri
    altezza reale PT 20-1: 2,03 m
  • lunghezza in gioco: 4,5 metri
    lunghezza reale PT 20-1: 5,66 metri

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