World of Tanks news 11 10 2014

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Fonte –

– there will apparently be a poll by Storm (not binding) to find out which maps the players want to remove
– Evilly confirms that the individual missions are currently in test mode
– apparently, the ISP’s of Ukraine were causing serious lags and crashes for WoT players lately
– Storm states that 7/42 battles (TB) are played more than WG expected
– there will be no HD model reworks in 9.4
– there is unfortunately “a lot of various problems” with HD model rework (SS: what I could piece together from various sources is that basically, WG outsourced the entire model re-work, which caused quite a lot of problems, the outsourcing companies (from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine) could not provide sufficient quality of the models and there were issues with communication. WG in tried several and at this point, WG’s own artists are creating the HD model themselves)

  • ci sarà un sondaggio promosso da Storm che chiederà ai giocatori quali mappe rimuovere
  • Evilly conferma che le missioni individuali sono in fase di test
  • a quanto pare ISP da Ucraina hanno causato seri problemi di lag e carsh per i giocatori di WoT
  • Storm afferma che le 7/42 sono giocati più di quanto la WG si aspettava
  • Non ci saranno carri in HD nella 9.4
  • ci sono purtroppo diversi problemi per la creazione dei modelli in HD.

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