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– some tier 10 vehicles have unlockable guns, because, as SerB explains: “In real life, these vehicles had ‘stock’ guns. The need to unlock the top guns is compensated by lower unlocking price of the vehicle itself.”
– Q: “Why is KV-85 called KV-85 and not KV-100 or KV-122?” (SS: the number obviously means gun caliber, so 122mm KV-1S would be KV-122. The name is not automatic and it’s more complicated than that, but as a demonstration, it’s okay) A: “Because of all those, KV-85 was the only vehicle that was in a way mass produced and fighting.”
– Q: “Remove the 25 percent RNG for the sake of cybersports!” A (SerB): “Stop whining already.”
– it seems the IS-7 model is now alright in the 3rd iteration of the test
– apparently, the top of the hangar UI is final for 9.3 the way it is (the gold, credits, XP part will not be changed)

  • Alcuni tier 10 hanno cannoni sbloccabili perchè: nella vita reale questi veicoli hanno un cannone stock. La necessità di sbloccare il cannone top è compensata dall’avere più basso il prezzo di sblocco del veicolo stesso
  • D perchè si chiama KV-85 e non KV-100 o KV-122?  R. perchè di tutti questi, il KV-85 fu l’unico che venne prodotto in massa e combatté in battaglia
  • D rimuovete il 25% di RNG per la slavezza delle cybersports. SerB: smettetela di lamentarvi!!
  • Ilk modello dell’IS7 è alla terza iterazione di test
  • a quanto pare l’UI 9.3 per l’hangar è definitivo.


– the 90mm gun HESH/HEAT/HE ammo setup on T49 is historical, that gun did not fire AP shells
– the reason the clan tags are changed on test server is because of Stronghold mode
– Storm on the new hangar UI being more comfortable than the old one: “Yes, that’s why we made the new version. Based on results of may tests it appears to be better when it comes to being comprehensive and comfortable. What you described is only you being used to the old one and nothing more.”
– allegedly, Evilly said on a meeting with players in Belarus that developers do not want to give out free FV4202 as a premium vehicle, there will be a grinding mission to get it however (the way IS-6/Super Pershing were given out)

  • il 90mm del t49 avrà HESH/HEAT/HE, non AP.
  • a causa della modalità Strongholds, sono cambiati i tag dei clan
  • Storm sul nuovo UI dell’hnangar più comodo del precedente: Si, per questo abbiamo atto una nuova versione. In Base ai risultati dei test di maggio esso sembra migliore, più comprensivo e confortevole…
  • Purtroppo, Evilly in un incontro con i giocatori in Bielorussia ha detto che i devs non vogliono dare gratis l’FV4202 premium, ci sarà una missione con grind per prenderlo (come IS-6/Super Pershing).


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