World of Tanks news 15 04 2014 part2


Regarding Storm’s post about upcoming vehicle nerfs and buffs:

– FV4202, KV-5, IS-7 and T-34-3 are not on the list, T57 Heavy will also not be nerfed, Object 430 will not be buffed
– Churchill Gun Carrier is actually suddenly doing really fine statistically, one of the best vehicles on its tier
– Storm confirms that WoT will transfer to Dx11
– it’s possible (SS: as in NOT certain) that WT E-100 will be nerfed (“he stands out but only a little”)
– “unfortunately, only few HD tanks will appear in 9.1 – which, I will tell later”
– there is nop need to buff British heavies, they are fine apart from tier 10
– KV-1S will not be nerfed in 9.1, but later
– KV-1 and KV-1S will not be united into a single tank
– Storm confirms that LT’s will be buffed by decreasing their maximum battletier
– for now it was not decided whether to nerf E-25
– it’s unfortunately not possible to buff A-32′s gold penetration
– Wargaming is not using winrate as the main balance method anymore apparently
– apparently, the list of tanks to nerf contains “pedobear” tanks (T18 and T40 for example) as well
– currently, developers are collecting detailed data on the performance of gold shells – after that, it will be decided whether to do something about them and what
– T-34-3 is “a good vehicle in the right hands”
– no plans to implement the possibility of players to save their own graphic settings presets
– for now, in 9.1, the base camo coefficient for TD’s won’t be touched
– there were some ideas to change the mechanism of crew hatches (copulas) as weakspots, developers thought about it, but decided not to do anything, there was an idea to reduce the damage taken to these spots, but it’s “too complicated” (SS: whatever that means).
– apparently, in 9.0 release, the armor of Tortoise and M103 became better than during test (SS: will check tomorrow)
– IS-3 HD model will come in 9.2
– the reason for the “disappearing arty shells” bug was “desynchronization between server applications handling the inter-servere load balance”

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