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Fonte –

– the information that Firefly was planned for patch 0.9.5 is correct (SS: this however can still change, currently the 9.5 is planned for mid December)
– attacking other Strongholds owned by other clans will work roughly as clanwars, only instead of gold, you get the industrial resource
– apparently, there was a bug in the rules/shop on the Russian server, where – if you bought a vehicle in the shop for discount and you already had it, you recieved its original pre-discount price in gold as compensation (SS: as in, buying something worth 1500g for 750g, you already have it, you get 1500g instead). This was recently fixed (causing some butthurt on RU forums).

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  • L’informazione che il Firefly (e relativo ramo) sono pianificati per la 9.5 è corretta.
  • attaccare altre fortezze tenute da altri clan funzionerà come le clanwar, solo che al posto dei gold si otterranno risorse industriali
  • a quanto pare ci stava un bug nelle regole del negozio online russo: se si comprava un veicolo in sconto e già lo si possedeva si riceveva un corrispettivo in gold pari al prezzo completo senza sconto.
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