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– Q: “I suggest reworking the camo like this – if a tank was spotted and it did not move anywhere, it will remain spotted.” A: “That’s roughly what we are going to do”
– the tier 6 KV-85 will keep the 122mm D-25 gun (SS: or D-2-5, identical gun, different breech – anyway the KV-85 has really bad depression, -2 or so)
– Storm on what will appear in 9.3: “RU251, LTTB, T-54 Light, reworked Chaffee, T37, Walker Bulldog, T49, new KV-1S, KV-85″
– XP for tanking? “When it’s done it’s done”
– KV-1S will split into KV-1S (tier 5) and KV-85 (tier 6)
– 150mm E-100 HE shells will not be buffed
– 37mm Sh-37 gold shells will not be buffed
– Sturmtiger was basically scrapped for now, because it’s not possible to balance it in the game
– mid-tier artillery will not be buffed
– GWE buff? “If it stands out statistically”
– no plans to ban noobmeter
– composite armor, active/reactive armor, smoothbores and guided missiles will not appear in the game
– FV215b will be switched for Chieftain because “Chieftain was a real existing tank, that’s the main reason.”
– Challenger (MBT) prototype is too modern for WoT, same goes for T-64
– it’s possible that Chinese tier 10 heavy will be reworked, “but no guarantees”
– quick (one button) transfer of equipment from tank to tank? “Maybe, but it has low priority”
– Storm does openly state the FV215b (120) is made up (Storm: “SerB’s construction bureau”)
– no further AMX50B buff is planned for now
– there are no plans to completely rework the interface
– no current plans to rework player statistics
– 1×1 and 3×3 “arena” mode will not come (Storm: “it has practically zero audience”)
– official WG rating in the battle will not be displayed (“everyone will use XVM anyway”)

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