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New, unique 2D style “Queen Maeve” (Queen Maeve) exclusive to 22 WOT Packs from Prime Gaming / Twitch Prime (Promotion: Live) for the month of October.

Queen Maeve

At first you want to change the world. Then, try after try, you plunge into harsh reality. As a result, you turn into a cynical, soulless performer. The only question is whether it is worth putting up with it or trying to return that heroine full of strength and hope.

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Unhistorical. Suitable for vehicles of any nation and level. Group: Special. Price: 1750 gold.

It will be possible to get the Queen Maeve set in WOT on the evening of October 22. The theme of the 22nd set is also the series The Boys, i.e. collaboration with WG continues. The set will be dedicated entirely to the heroine of the “Seven” (The Seven) – Queen Maeve (name: Maggie Shaw).

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source – wotexpress

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