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“Polar Hunt”: in pursuit of the Soviet star Object 274a.

Winter Is Coming. In this cold time, a hot test – “Polar Hunt”, which will begin on November 27, will help to keep warm. Get ready to complete 10 challenging stages in pursuit of the Object 274a – the new medium premium tank. Take the challenge and get this warrior for free or with a personal discount!

Marathon DATES: November 27 09:00 (MSK) – December 7 09:00 (MSK).

Meet a new star on the battlefields!

Object 274a is a typical Soviet medium tank with a strong ricochet turret and a comfortable weapon: 107 mm 9S1 demonstrates excellent performance: 227 mm of armor penetration and 320 damage. Object 274a can easily enter into one-on-one confrontation even with a heavy tank – and emerge victoriously. Get ready to make the most of this tank!

Object 274a is capable of effectively supporting allied medium tanks in an attack. It is best suited for confrontation at short to medium distances. But if the situation on the battlefield becomes unfavorable, he can quickly retreat and provide cover for the allies. Excellent damage per minute and a good view of 390 meters will help you fight effectively on any map.

* Object 274a comes with 100% crew with the “Combat Brotherhood” skill learned as “zero”, as well as a free slot in the Garage.

Choose how you receive your rewards.

The Polar Hunt event will last 10 days and will consist of 10 consecutive stages. For completing each of them, you will receive a 10% discount on the cost of the tank package and other rewards in the Premium Shop. And if you manage to complete all the stages during the in-game event, get a tank and other rewards for free!

The tasks for obtaining a tank and other rewards are divided into two sets. They can be performed simultaneously (subject to all conditions), and the task completed first will be taken into account. The way you go to the next step doesn’t matter.

Diligence tasks.

The best way for aspiring players to get the grand prize. The conditions of the missions vary, while the missions themselves can be performed using Tier VI – X vehicles. Remember: your result will be counted only when you get into the top 10 players of your team in terms of the amount of experience earned – and it does not matter if it won or lost.

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Tasks for skill.

You can choose an alternative, more difficult path. Completing these tasks will save you time, but it will take every effort. Objectives can only be completed on Tier X vehicles.

Regardless of the path you choose, you can earn tons of rewards, including equipment, personal reserves, gear, and more!

EACH BZ -10% of the total cost of a package with a tank.

Stage 1:

Task 1:
Diligence tasks (grind):
• Earn a total of 2000 units. “Pure” experience.
** The experience earned by getting into the top 10 by experience in your team and only on Tier VI – X vehicles are taken into account.

OR (performed in parallel):
Tasks for mastery (skill):
• Earn the “Main caliber” award 1 time.
** Performed only on Tier IX – X vehicles.

** Further, we omit the notes, so as not to write every time, so that it is more readable.

Task 2:
• Earn a total of 5000 units. “Pure” experience.
• Apply at least 3500 units. damage 1 time. Be in the top 3 in damage on your team.

Task 3:
• Earn a total of 9000 units. “Pure” experience.
• Earn at least 800 XP. “Pure” experience 4 times.

Task 4:
• Earn a total of 17,000 units. “Pure” experience.
• Win first place in experience on your team 7 times.

Task 5:
• Earn a total of 30,000 units. “Pure” experience.
• Earn the Main Caliber award 4 times.

Task 6:
• Earn a total of 32,000 units. “Pure” experience.
• Finish first in damage on your team 18 times.

Task 7:
• Earn a total of 32,000 units. “Pure” experience.
• Win first XP on both teams 11 times.

Task 8:
• Earn a total of 37,000 units. “Pure” experience.
• Take first place in damage on both teams 15 times and inflict at least 3200 damage. damage in each battle.

Objective 9:
• Earn a total of 40,000 units. “Pure” experience.
• Finish first in damage on your team 27 times.

Task 10:
• Earn a total of 50,000 units. “Pure” experience.
• Become first in damage on your team 35 times.

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In total, you need to grind: 254,000 units of “pure” experience.
In the last marathon, the CS-52 LIS needed 246k experience.

Get even more rewards!

You will also have the option to open daily bonus challenges. They can be completed exclusively on Object 274a and only in random battles. The reward for completing them will be days of the tank premium account, many personal reserves, and tasks for x5 experience in battle. And completing some of these missions will earn you even more rewards, including tutorials and extra days of the Tanked Premium Account!

The faster you get Object 274a by completing 10 main stages of the “Polar Hunt” or buying a car in the Premium Shop, the more rewards you can get for completing bonus tasks. Let’s take a closer look : 

• Daily bonus tasks will become available on November 27, on the first day of the game event.
• Every day will appear access to one new task with its own set of rewards.
• You can only complete one task on any given day. After execution, it will become unavailable.
• You will not be able to complete the missed tasks of the previous days, so the earlier you receive Object 274a, the more tasks you will have available. Tasks are updated daily at 08:00 (Moscow time).
• You can view the conditions and monitor the progress of tasks on a separate tab in the game event interface.

Get Object 274a Immediately!

Do you want to get a new tank right away? A complete set with all the Polar Hunt rewards can be purchased from the Premium Shop. Each completed stage reduces the purchase cost of the set by 10%. For example, after completing five out of ten steps, you will receive a 50% discount.

*** Buying a package in the Premium Store guarantees that you will receive all rewards for uncompleted stages and will automatically count such tasks as completed. Therefore, after purchasing the package, combat missions will disappear from a separate tab in the game client. At the same time, you can start performing bonus tasks and getting even more game values.

source – wotexpress

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