World of Tanks – Ranked Battles 2020-2021 – new bond shop

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At 11:00 o’clock (Moscow time), the 1st season of ranked battles 2020/2021 started, also the tanks in the bonds shop were updated. If you planned shopping, you can already do it.

Recall new products:

• IS-5 (Object 730) [USSR, HT-8, premium] – 10,000 bonds
• KV-4 of Kreslavsky (USSR, HT-8, premium) – 10,000 bonds
• IS-6 B (USSR, HT -8, premium) – 8.000 bonds
• M46 Patton KR (USA, MT-8, premium) – 8.000 bonds
• Chrysler K GF (USA, HT-8, premium) – 8.000 bonds

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source – wotexpress

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