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Q: Will it be possible to choose whether a given personal reserve should be launched for a certain period of time or the number of battles? For example, when we have a reserve for 1 hour, the player could decide whether it will be one hour or, for example, 8 battles.

  • We are currently bending over this. Personal reserves are based on quite old code. The team would have to change a bit in the game code. For now, we remain in the sphere of reflection.

Q: Why have the AMX 30B changes been abandoned and can we expect any reinforcement of this tank? The long-awaited buff for the statistically worst tank of the medium tier X has been canceled and WG is silent. We understand the timing of changes in the line going to 430, but withdrawing from the 30B change is an ill-advised step.

  • After reviewing the preliminary test results, we decided on other plans for the AMX 30B. It’s a bit early to give you details about this, forgive me.

Q: Are the plans to lower the penetration for Tier X light tanks final?

  • We’re still working on it.

Q: Any plans for RHM Panzerwagen?

  • Nothing concrete at the moment. All plans are stopped until we can handle the large rebalance of Premium ammunition.

Q: Are you happy with how Type 4 Heavy and Type 5 Heavy are now performing after changing from patch 1.5?

  • It looks fine for us. We are still looking at both variants – HE troll and with AP shells.

Q: The topic of Japanese tank destroyers has already been touched many times. Any plans for such branch? Are there any candidates (eg Ho-Ri) or would it be a “design” branch?

  • There are no details about it yet. We do not want to give further promises as to the dates without coverage.

Q: Have you ever wondered about adding a 10.5 cm Chi-Se medium tank? Information on this subject is very limited, but a vehicle loosely based on this unclear project can act as a heavy Tier VIII Premium (something Japan does not yet have).

  • Honestly, we’re not 100% sure if it’s a good idea. But we will definitely think about the idea.

Q: Are there ideas for another branch of the Japanese? Maybe Japanese light tanks or a Premium vehicle?

  • Not yet. For now, we’re working on another tree. All in good time.

Q: Can we expect the option to buy “tokens” for tanks other than Premium, to turn them into “tank-prizes”? For example, in the sense that they do not earn more money, but you can put any crew there with no penalties?

  • We’re thinking about it, but I can not give you any details.

Q: Are there any plans for changing the perks and crew skills?

  • Yes, we’re working on it.

Q: How many crews will a new British Tier X light tank require?

  • Two: commander (acting as a sight and radio operator) and driver (and loader in one).

Q: When changes in the tree leading to E100?

  • As for the lines leading to E 100 and Chieftain, both are suspended until we test the new mechanics on the Sandbox. If it turns out that this is the right way and the community appreciates it, we would make significant changes in all the layers and lines that need it. If not, we will return to the original state.

Q: What are the plans for compensation for ranking battles on the NA server? Maybe it’s worth adding a new Chieftain there? As for the vehicle itself – currently it is much better than even the strongest Tier X tanks, which can be seen in the EU / RU and CW ranked battles.

  • Regarding the ranking battles in NA (as well as in Asia), we are thinking about compensating and preparing the next season for these regions.

Q: Hydro-pneumatic suspension in STB-1 is a feature that people have asked for, and it is nice of you that you have implemented it. However, currently, the STB-1 in the game can only tilt forward and backward, while its true counterpart can also do so from side to side. Have you not considered the implementation of STB-1 with the possibility of tilting sideways? Was this function too difficult to implement?

  • Adding this option would lead to many strange behaviors with automatic suspension. On the other hand, the use of manual switching to the second mode, as in the Swedish TDs, would result in this tank being turned into a tank destroyer. So we rejected the idea.

Q: Will Aufkl.Panther be available in the future? Yes, no, maybe, I do not know?

  • Maybe.

Q: When does a nerve for artillery? The mechanics of this vehicle class are still bad, especially at lower levels. How can a novice player deal with stat padder at LefH? In addition, I am sure that the M44 has the highest win rate among all Tier 6 tanks and has the highest DPG … it has the range on the entire map and stuns.

  • Yes, we want to restore the balance of low levels. Similarly as on other tiers. At the moment, there is a series of tests on the Sandbox, where we check our ideas with balancing premium ammunition. If it proves to be a good idea and the community will like it, we will certainly introduce huge changes at low and medium levels.

Q: As we know, the current branch of British light tanks has been announced from level VII to level X. I know that tank modeling is expensive, it takes time and informally saying that the branches start from the V + level, because many players simply skip the lower tanks level, but the British could easily create a full branch of light tanks from level 2 to level 10. The whole would be more historic than some Italian or Polish tanks and would solve the problem that this branch lacks some of the best known and slightly mass-produced light tanks. My suggestion regarding the branch would be as follows:
Tier 2: Vickers M1937
Tier 3: Light Tank Mk.VII Tetrarch
Tier 4: Light Tank Mk.VIII Harry Hopkins
Tier 5: A46 LT
Tier 6: FV301
Tier7: GSR 3301 Setter
Tier 8: LHMTV
Tier 9: GSOR3301 AVR FS
Tier 10: Manticore
Is there a chance that WG will consider these proposals before implementing the line? They would also fit the topic of the line, with their small dimensions, good view ranges and excellent departments. I’m afraid that when the original line from level VII is released, the chance of Tetrarch or Harry Hopkins appearing in the game as British tanks will be almost zero because there would be a minimum incentive to study them. I know that Tetrarch is already in the game as a Soviet gift tank, but it is not the same. In the end, the name of the game is World of Tanks, not World of Some Tanks.

  • Thank you for sharing your offer with us. Honestly, there is no chance of any changes in this branch – it is too late. However, we have an idea how to give you access to some vehicles that have not been added to ordinary trees. And this applies to all nations, not just Great Britain. We want to announce it soon and I hope fans of military history like you will like our idea just as much as we do.
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Q: When is the next marathon per tank?

  • The game must rest after the marathons that have already taken place. We would also like to offer something completely different for the period of return to school. Marathons are expected to return immediately after, in autumn.

Q: Any tips (or indicative value), how much will the tanks for bonds cost?

  • Vehicles that we are currently considering to add to the store for bonds are valued up to 20,000. However, this is a topic that can still change.

Q: Why can not some older maps be re-entered into the current version of the game? I understand that many of them require updating to the HD version, but trying to create new maps, since the old ones are waiting for a change, it seems to be a waste of resources. Many of us old players would like the older maps to be restored, rebalanced or not. Meta has changed a lot in the last 5-6 years, and maps that have been removed for one reason or another, are probably now going differently.

  • We do it, although at a slower pace than one would expect. We hope that in the next few months you will see what our departments are working on in creating levels.

Q: What was your greatest achievement / contribution to game development in the last 12 months and why?

  • AB : Save Christmas on the RU server. On the first day, the entire infrastructure fell about 20 minutes after the start of the event. I worked with the team for around 40 hours to find and implement a solution. Within 24 hours everything was working again, and we, after another 16 hours making sure everything was ok, we went home.
  • MC : I’m not a programmer and I’m not coding. But I’m proud of some of the projects my team has been working hard on lately. These are even Twitch packages, which all players can now purchase, or Black Market, which was recently available. It was certainly created by our Dev team, but the idea comes from the publisher.

Q: Thanks to the new balance of premium ammunition, tested on the Sandbox server, I noticed that unfortunately, the diversity of missiles is still small. Will there be a test in which, for example, Leopard 1 will have APCR, HEAT and AP? Then HEAT would ask the lowest DMG, but would have the smallest RNG in penetration and damage, APCR would still be fast, but would have more RNG and more DMG, while AP would do the most damage, but would also have the highest RNG in DMG and penetration?
This could be done even with national traits, where, like the AP’s 121, they deal more damage than at 430U. This is another concept to be tested.

  • AB: To my knowledge, we need at least 2 consecutive attempts to check the concept (one for HE in general, one for SPG) before we actually get to the results.

Q: Does the WG developer team refer to statistics on the use of non-Premium tanks when working on game changes? For example, the big jump of players using Obj 268 v4 pointed to the obvious deflected nature of this tank at that time. So when WG sees tanks that are rarely used, does it attract your attention to these tanks in order to work on the balance, or do you just agree with the fact that some tanks are ordinary pinchers of trees?

  • Of course. Unfortunately, most of these “pickups” fall victim to the wrong approach to playing a machine rather than being a candidate for change.

Q: ST-II with two guns has been recently presented. Can you give us other tips on the next new gameplay mechanisms that are being considered in the future?

  • Not yet, we study the technological trees of different nations thoroughly to find something nice to offer. Be patient.

Q: Ranked battles are picked up differently by players, mainly by changing the rank system again. A change that was presented just before the event. Is not it worth giving the players a little more time to get used to the new rules and possibly report potential problems?

  • Well, as with the latest instance of ranked battles, some projects look much better on paper or simulation than live. So instead of discussing things that do not exist, we think it would be much more beneficial to talk about something real, what we, the developers and players, have experienced together.

The opinion of the community about BR this spring was clear, now we are making changes for the next season to make everything go smoothly.

Q: Will there be more skins for popular tanks or stickers or camouflage in store?

  • Yes, for sure. Not only with the possibility to buy, but also to get for free.

Q: Any messages about 3D personalization (not 3D skins, like from Christmas packages, but the option of adding sandbags, etc.)?

  • As we have already mentioned, we are now working on 3D skins. The full functionality of 3D customization turned out to be quite a burden for most of our players’ computers.

Q: When will WG listen to better players and understand what tanks need change? Why does the studio think that 430U do not need nerves? And this is just one example.

  • I’m not sure why most people think that developers do not plan to make changes at 430 U. Changes are delayed due to negative feedback from players. They are not canceled.
  • The same applies to AMX 30b.

Q: After adding the wheeled vehicles to the French line of light tanks, would you ever consider the addition of half-track firearms (most likely as a low-level one)?

  • Not in your plans for sure.

Q: Any chance that we will see changes in the American branch of tank destroyers? The branch is a bit clumsy and not so unique compared to a branch without turrets. The idea is to make the branch theme more consistent and offer more unique options. The emphasis is now on mobility and penetration. Proposed changes and replacement of vehicles:
Level 5: T50 GMC – tank destroyer, which was the evolution of the T42 GMC, the predecessor of M18 Hellcat. It had a 3.7 “gun, which would be a great option. Comparable with the current T67, but with a more balanced department.
Level 6: T67 GMC – T67 on the higher level. It could get some patches for mobility to make better use of the 76-millimeter cannon.
Level 7: M18 Hellcat – M18 on the higher level. It could get some patches for mobility to make better use of the 90-millimeter cannon.
Level 8: M41A1 105 – Proposal from 1952 to place the M41A1 gun with 105 mm T140 in the outer tower, and the entire crew in the hull. This can give WG a chance to experiment with turrets without a crew.
Level 9: AGS M551 – In the early 1980s, the army wanted a light tank with powerful anti-tank weapons. They have developed a system of armored weapons to create this concept, which culminates in XM8. One of the first experiments had a 105 mm M68 gun in the Sheridan tower. Cadillac also developed its own Stingray tank dedicated to export. They successfully tested the Stingray turret on Sheridan’s chassis. This tank would be very mobile and would have a large cannon, but it could have a long reload time and aim time.
Level 10: Stingray – a light Cadillac tank will eventually not be accepted by the military. But he sold well in Taiwan. This vehicle is the culmination of the whole branch. Fast and mobile, with a department of high penetration and accuracy.
Stingray, AGS M551 and M41A1 105 are light tanks. It should be noted, however, that M18 Hellcat and T67 were also tested as light tanks before they became tank destroyers. General Motors also contributed to the development of all these vehicles, with their branch in Buick, where T67 and M18 Hellcat and M41A1, AGS M551 and Stingray from Cadillac were produced. These vehicles are not only connected thematically, but also historically. In addition, this would improve one of the more problematic branches of the game.

  • AGS / Stingray look too modern for us with POV weaponry. Nevertheless, neither me nor Max are experts in this field of vehicles. We will give your suggestions to professional military historians to see what they think about it. Thanks!
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Q: Is there any chance of adding such vehicles after the introduction of the wheelers but in the TD-class? There are a lot of them and they would be an interesting addition to the game.

  • It will not happen soon. We must deal first with all the responses regarding the wheelers as LT.
    We are also looking at the collected data and we are happy with the performance of wheeled vehicles at the moment. There were some complications associated with them in the Front Line mode. When it comes to new branches of wheeled vehicles, it is too early to say something. However, we do not see the need to create a new class because wheeled vehicles play the same role on the battlefield as light tanks.

Q: Why is the Front Line a defense style map or just an attack? Have you considered other types of gameplay? Will we see other map styles?

  • We tried many solutions while working on this mode. This does not mean that no new variations of fights (eg symmetrical or asymmetrical) will ever appear in the game.

Q: Can we get a function in which the nationality of crew members can be changed to assign them to tanks in different technological trees?

  • No, there are no such plans.

Q: Will we see changes in the way technical win / lost is perceived on the global map? Currently, the opposing clan gets a penalty, and we can continue the round, but the actions of such a clan (or lack thereof) can cost my clan potentially hundreds of points of fame.

  • As far as I know, work is underway to change this system.

Q: Why, in the case of the latest patches, the frame rate has a higher priority than ping? With the latest patch, my ping increased from an average of 110 to 190.

  • Because we have an influence on FPS, and not on ping – the first ones depend on our game client. To make it clear, it is impossible to prioritize when creating a game. If this happens to you, report it to your Internet service provider. There is a problem on his side.

Q: Will Wargaming ever consider implementing high-level armored vehicles, such as those in Armored Warfare? I recently saw an interesting discussion on this subject and it seems to be a really interesting idea. This would pave the way for vehicles like FV721 Fox AFV if there were any interest in adding such machines.

  • Not at this moment – we have a certain technological limit, which we try to maintain. Will we ever consider raising it? Who knows, never say never.

Q: What’s next with wheeled vehicles? Currently, they perform better in special modes (Frontline, Clan Wars) than “random”.

  • Most people who play WV have higher game skills than a standard player. Once or twice in the past we were provoked to react too early and then we regretted it deeply. This time, we prefer to wait a few more months. Either way, light wheeled tanks are under 24 hour surveillance. If there is a need for action, we will do it.

Q: Will the current light tanks remain unchanged considering the obvious change in roles caused by wheeled vehicles?

  • At least until we finish work on Premium ammunition. The correct change of this mechanics will have a huge impact on all aspects of the game, including the division of roles for wheeled vehicles and light tanks. One of the biggest reasons why we even started to consider adding the wheelers was the previous state of the game, where the role of LT began drifting much more towards medium tanks.

Q: Will the British LT have a significant influence on this?

  • Of course, the state of the game definitely favors wheeled vehicles and Russian light tanks, and all other vehicles are behind. British light tanks are part of a completely different plan.

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