World of Tanks RU – 14th Trade-in – January 2021

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14th Trade-in: exchange an unwanted tank for a new one (January 2021, 1st this year). The next Trade-in in WoT will be in the spring, around the end of April.

From January 18, 09:00 to February 1, 09:00 (Moscow time), buy premium tanks by handing in unused / uninteresting ones!

New tanks for DELIVERY:
VIII Object 274а
VI M24E2 Super Chaffee
VI M4A1 FL 10
VIII Bisonte C45

Exchange rules.

Please note: the surrendered tank is taken as half of its value. Rounding goes up.

* Example: you are planning to buy a new premium tank for 10,000 gold. In exchange, you want to hand over a car, the cost of which is 5,000 gold. According to the trade-in mechanism, an old tank will be credited for 2,500 gold. – and you will pay only 7,500 gold. for a new one. The total discount for a new tank in this example will be 2,500 gold.

The discount promotions taking place in the game affect the cost of the sold and purchased tanks. This will be displayed in the exchange window.

Which tank can I buy by trade-in?

Many premium tanks from Tier VI to VIII can be exchanged, but with an important caveat: you can only surrender a premium tank of the same or lower tier compared to the purchased one.

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Method number 1. In-game store.
Method number 2. Research tree.

Things to remember:
Please read these rules carefully to understand how the trade-in system works:

1. The promotion is valid for premium tanks from VI to VIII tier from January 18 09:00 to February 1 09:00 (Moscow time).
2. Only tanks of the same or lower tier than the purchased one (but not lower than VI) can be returned.
3. The exchange takes place on a “1 to 1” basis.
4. Discounts apply to prices: if there is a discount on the tank being handed over, the savings will be less!
5. Shells, equipment and equipment on a surrendered tank are unloaded to the Warehouse free of charge.
6. The rental style is tied to a specific tank, so if you exchange this tank, the style remains in the warehouse. You can use it in the future only if you buy this tank again.
7. The crew of the tank being surrendered will land in the Barracks. If there are no free beds, there will be no exchange!
8. It is impossible to restore a surrendered tank for credits.
9. You don’t have to purchase a new slot for a purchased tank.
10. The exchange takes place only when the operation is re-confirmed (where it is told what will happen to the tank) – before that, the exchange can be completely interrupted and nothing will happen.

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** If you are unable to exchange any vehicle for the tank of interest, make sure that this tank is not in the vehicle carousel in your Garage. You may have rented this car and the lease has expired. In this case, the tank you are interested in is still in the Garage, but you cannot use it. To get rid of inactive rental equipment, right-click on it and select “Remove”. Then repeat the exchange operation.

source – wotexpress