World of Tanks RU – April 2021 – Prizebox – ready to pickup

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The traditional monthly update of the PrizeBox website (WoT bonuses).

PrizeBox WoT is updated once a month (12 times a year), i.e. every month (every 30 days in fact) you will be able to collect all these gifts. Picked up these bonuses on April 4, come back on May 4. This is how it works.

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Prizes are standard, nothing new. For playing (active) accounts:
• 3 for x5 combat experience for any vehicle.
• Coupon: Bonuses when buying from $7 (1 day of premium, 2 different Personal reserves [combat experience/crew experience] for 1 hour).

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For accounts that have not been playing for a long time:
• 7 days of premium.
• 3 missions for: 100k silver, 10k experience and 1 slot in the hangar.


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