World of Tanks RU – automated and unlimited premium or promo tank restoration

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Wargaming has updated its loyalty policy. Restriction on the restoration of 1 sold tank (prem / promotional) 1 time per year was removed, and the whole process was automated with the help of a bot. 

You can restore the rare or premium tank directly from the Hangar. If you have sold a rare or premium tank that cannot be restored using the in-game mechanism, our loyalty policy will help. 

• You can restore any number of tanks without limitation on the statute of limitations. 
• For each tank, you need to create a separate application. Applications of this type are processed automatically.
• The equipment will be restored without camouflage and with a crew trained up to 50% of the main specialty. 
• You must have a free slot in the hangar for each tank you intend to restore.
• The cost of recovering equipment in credits is equal to the cost of a tank plus 10%. A detailed list of tanks and the cost of their restoration can be found here:
• Equipment removed by the staff of the User Support Center, rental cars and any pumped tanks cannot be restored. 
• The premium tank that has been exchanged with Trade-in system cannot be restored. 

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