World of Tanks RU – Kelevra 3d style changes – bonus code


Bonus code for changing the 3D style.

Everyone who owns the Kelevra 3D style (on the Object 430U) has been compensated for its slight visual change in one of the 500 gold micro-patches. Take it to the game mail in the form of a bonus code. The bonus code is unique for everyone and has the following form (example): 65YEN5EN-MUG6M-6WYZY-89XS8.

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Recently, we have made changes to the 3D style of “Kelevra” in accordance with paragraphs. 7.2.1-7.2.2 of the License Agreement. We appreciate our players and understand that you may have liked the old version better. Therefore, we give you a bonus code for 500 units. gold, which will be valid for 6 months – until December 29, 2022, inclusive.

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source – wotexpress

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