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The traditional monthly update of the PrizeBox website (WoT bonuses) is ready on RU servers.

Check it out:

How often is this site updated and when can I collect gifts?

PrizeBox WoT is updated once a month (12 times a year), i.e. every month (every 30 days actually) you can collect all these gifts.

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Prizes are standard, nothing new.

For playing (active) accounts:

• 3 XP for x5 combat experience for any vehicle.
• Coupon: Bonuses when buying from $ 7 (1 day of prema, 2 different Personal reserves [combat experience / crew experience] for 1 hour).

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For accounts not playing for a long time:

• 7 days of prema.
• 3 BU for: 100k silver, 10k experience and 1 slot in the hangar.

source – wotexpress

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