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There is a new bonus code for World of Tanks RU.

Reusable bonus code for World of Tanks.

• 2 base stations for: 16 beds in the barracks.

Enter here:
Preset code entry: ..

code: VK92N8S29

The “Operation” Contact “BZ itself ( from VK):

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• Condition: For any number of battles, 10 times get into the TOP-10 in terms of damage done in your team.
• Reward: 8 beds in the barracks.
• Restrictions: 2 times per account.
On vehicles of level 4 and higher. Modes: Random battle and General battle.
• Time: The task is available for completion until November 2, 09:00 (MSK).

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* 1 time per account.
** Limited in time. Can be entered until November 2, 08:30 (GMT).

source – wotexpress

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