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Let’s celebrate the New Year together (RU)

The countdown to the release of the video has started on the World of Tanks YouTube channel: Announcement Stories of the New Year Offensive 2023 MT. Release: tomorrow at 12:00 (MSK). Video time: 3 minutes.

Watch on YouTube: 

 “In the daily routine and rush, it can be difficult to understand what is really important to us. Gadgets, clothes, and a career often become more valuable than family and communication.

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Do you remember the time when snow-soaked mittens were the biggest problem, snowball fights were the hardest battle, and a broken knee was the biggest pain? When, instead of calling her mobile, mom screamed from the balcony and called home, and you so wanted to run a little more with friends in the yard.

New Year holidays are the best time to stop, look around and feel those very childhood emotions. Hug your family and tell them you love them.

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You can get together and spend the New Year together with loved ones, even if you are separated by hundreds and thousands of kilometers.

We value our game, but we do not forget about the main thing, your World of Tanks team”

source – wotexpress

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