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I hope to see this stuff on EU/NA/Asia servers too…

New “bonuses” from Wargaming while you all sit at home and play tanks. Recall that in Russia this situation will continue at least until April 30 due to COVID-19.

x5 exp, 8 days premium account and other April bonuses in World of Tanks:

Devs continue to give you bonuses during the period of self-isolation.

1. In the coming days, the Battle for Berlin event is waiting for you, and, with it, five times experience for the first victory and discounts for the crew.
2. Next week – time to play with a premium tank account! Just enter the game on Monday (April 20) to receive a day of a free premium account, and then perform easy combat missions to extend its effect – and so on for all week!
3. But that is not all. From April 24 to April 26, you will be able to participate in a special game event with a special battle format. Devs will tell you the details very soon.
4. At the very end of April, you will find the third stage of the “Front Line 2020” – another opportunity to earn three tokens and get closer to the award tank!
* Dates: from April 27, 06:00 (Moscow time) to May 4, 03:00 (Moscow time).
5. Finally, we announced the grand start of the countdown to the celebration of the decade of World of Tanks. Every day, special combat missions are available for you, for the implementation of which pleasant rewards are laid.

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And now in more detail:

The Battle of Berlin promotion this weekend on WoT.
• 5 times more experience for the first victory of the day on any technique.
• The bonus when transferring experience to crew experience is 3 times more profitable than usual (1 to 15).
• 50% discount on training and retraining of the crew when recruiting and transferring to other equipment for playing gold.
• 50% discount on the reset of the learned skills of the crew for playing gold.
• 25% discount on changing crew specialty.
• 50% discount on extra beds in the Barracks.

From April 17, 09:00 (GMT) to April 20, 08:30 (GMT), you will find:

Tank Premium Account & combat missions.
Log in the game from April 20, 09:00 (GMT) to April 26, 09:00 (GMT) and get one day of a tank premium account for free.

In the same period, every day a task will be available for you, upon completion of which you will also receive one day of tank premium account. All you need to do is play 10 battles, in each of which you need to get into the top 10 by experience in your team.
** The task can be performed on any tanks of IV – X levels and only in random battles.
*** Maximum 8 days of premium account.

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Bonuses for returning players:

If you haven’t logged into World of Tanks for 30 days or more and haven’t managed to get 14 days of a free tank premium account that we recently distributed to all players, do not be discouraged: we are returning this opportunity especially for you! Enter the game before April 30 and get:

– 14 days of a tank premium account.
– One of three premium cars for free for 14 days (the choice is random):
Rheinmetall Skorpion G
Lorraine 40 t
– 10 personal reserves: + 100% experience for 2 hours.
– 10 personal reserves: + 300% to free experience for 2 hours.
– 10 personal reserves: + 300% to crew experience for 2 hours.
– 15 combat missions at x5 for winning a battle on any vehicle.
**** The condition for receiving prizes is more than 30 fights on your account.

source – wotexpress