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“Steel Hunter 2021”. Tournament by Rostelecom.

In April and May, WoT will hold a tournament together with Rostelecom as part of the Steel Hunter game event. Players have a chance to win great prizes, including in-game gold and Tier VIII premium tanks.

The tournament will be held in two stages: an online selection and an online platoon final.

The first stage (online selection) will take place from 12 to 18 April.

Basic Rules

What do you need to participate? Just play in Steel Hunter mode from April 12-18!

The main qualification criterion is the result for the first 10 battles per day in the “Steel Hunter”. Based on their results, players will be awarded a certain number of points and a place in the table of participants. Devs will publish the results and update them on the portal.

* The table will show not the player’s results for a particular day, but his best results for the entire stage.

And remember: each new day of the stage is an opportunity to raise your position and even become the first, because the best ten battles can take place both on the first day of the stage and on any subsequent day.

Distribution of points in qualifying battles.

Points are awarded depending on the place taken in the battle:

1st place – 7 points;
2nd place – 6 points;
3rd place – 5 points;
4th place – 4 points;
5th place – 3 points;
6th place – 2 points;
7th place – 1 point;
8th place and below – 0 points.

The sum of the points for the first ten battles per day is the result that determines your position in the leaderboard. If several players have an equal total of points, then the places between them are distributed according to the amount of damage inflicted during these battles. If the values ​​coincide here too, the decisive factor is the number of destroyed opponents in these battles.

Based on these results, devs will publish two leaderboards, which will be updated once a day.
• The first is for players who are connected to the Gaming tariff plan (Rostelecom, Tele2, Beltelecom, Kievstar, Kazakhtelecom, Beeline Kazakhstan) as of April 11th. The first six participants will go to the final from here.
• The second table is for the rest of the players. The first four participants will advance to the final from here.

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All 10 players who have passed the online selection will become participants in the next stage as team captains. Accordingly, each of the 10 players will have to assemble their own team, to which they can invite any two more players.

Pay attention.

• The game event takes place only in the “Steel Hunter” mode.
• Battles in a platoon do not count.
• Only battles played from 9:00 (Moscow time) to 1:00 (Moscow time) are taken into account.

** If a player (captain) is unable to participate in the online final, he will be excluded from the list of applicants, like his team. His place will be taken by the next player on the list of prize-winners.

Online final

The final will take place on May 15.

All 10 platoons will fight each other in the Steel Hunter event for ten battles. For each battle, the platoons are awarded points depending on the occupied place:

1st place – 37 points;
2nd place – 30 points;
3rd place – 25 points;
4th place – 20 points;
5th place – 17 points;
6th place – 14 points;
7th place – 11 points;
8th place – 8 points;
9th place – 5 points;
10th place – 3 points.

An additional 2 points are awarded for each frag.

The sum of points for all ten battles is the result that determines the position of the platoon in the leaderboard. If several platoons have an equal total of points, then the places between them are distributed according to the amount of damage inflicted during these battles. If the values ​​coincide here too, the decisive factor is the number of destroyed enemy vehicles.

Total prize fund

During the tournament, Wargaming will give away prizes equal to the equivalent of 9,456,400 gold. Among them:

• 3 tanks VIII Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10)
• 3 tanks VIII Progetto M35 mod. 46
• 3 tanks VIII Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque

And also:
3000 prizes of 15 KB for x5 experience
5000 prizes of 10 KB for x5 experience

Leaderboard rewards after online qualifiers.

Awards for players connected to the “Game” tariff plan:
1st place: 40,000 gold
2nd place: 30,000
3rd place: 20,000
4th– 10th place: 10,000
11–100th place: 7,500
101–1000 place: 5,000
1001– 2000 place: 2 500
2001–5000 place: 15 KB for x5 to experience
5001–10,000 place: 10 KB for x5 to experience

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Awards for other players:
1st place: 20,000
2nd place: 15,000
3rd place: 10,000
4-10 place: 5,000
11–100 place: 3,000
101–1000 place:1,000

Online Final Rewards:

1st place: 30,000 + VIII Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10)
each player in a platoon
2nd place: 25,000 + VIII Progetto M35 mod. 46
each player in the platoon
3rd place: 20,000 + VIII Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque
each player in the platoon
4th place: 15,000 each player in the platoon
5th place: 10,000 each player in the platoon

*** If the player already has a reward in the Garage tank, such a player will be compensated in gold.

About breaking the rules

• The game event is subject to the same rules as for the “Steel Hunter” mode. All penalties are imposed according to the Laws of the Game and the License Agreement.
• The game event is designed only for battles with the participation of random allies and rivals. If situations are identified where a player or a group of players deliberately creates conditions in battles that make it possible to guarantee a large number of experience points and/or damage on a combat vehicle (negotiated battles), the results of this player or a group of players will be canceled regardless of which vehicle or tanks, a player or a group of players took part in a contractual battle. They may also be subject to penalties in accordance with the Laws of the Game.
• If a player receives a ban for four or more days for violating the Laws of the Game, he is suspended from participating in the game event.
• If the player believes that the block was imposed inappropriately, he can appeal it to the User Support Center.
• If a player complains about an illegal ban before the end of the corresponding stage, he will be returned to the stage leaderboard, and his results will be saved.
• If the administration suspects a player of foul play, it has the right to demand replays of his battles. If a player does not provide these replays before the start of the next stage, they will be removed from the leaderboard. His place in the list will be taken by the next player after him.
• In disputable cases not described in this regulation, the administration reserves the right to make the final decision.

source – wotexpress

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