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On June 25, the Russian mobile operator Tele2 Russia launched a mobile tariff for Wargaming’s games. 

Fans of World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships will receive special bonuses, as well as a large package of mobile Internet traffic and unlimited on Twitch:

The tariff is available only for Russian residents. Specify the ability to connect in a specific region in the operator’s support service at your place of residence.

The new tariff plan is called “Gaming.” Tele2 launched it together with Rostelecom and Wargaming. The new tariff offers an endless premium account in the above games, as well as unique military equipment, nowhere else available. To get all the bonuses, you need to link the number with the current “Game” tariff plan to your account.

The tariff includes 30 GB of Internet traffic, unlimited calls to Tele2 numbers and 700 minutes for conversations with subscribers of other operators in Russia. In addition, subscribers will receive unlimited access to YouTube and Twitch content, as well as another 100 SMS. The subscription fee is 890 rubles (for subscribers of all regions):

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Tele2 Russia bonuses for Wargaming games (World of Tanks / World of Warships / World of Warplanes).


Infinite Tank Premium account at the time of using the tariff.
•T-44-100 (P) – an exclusive Soviet premium tank with a slot in the Hangar, trained 100% crew with a “zero” Brotherhood, three sets of unique camouflage (one for each type of card) and a unique inscription “Communication Troops”.
• Special promotions and chain missions for the T-44-100 (P) tank.


• Endless premium ship account for the time of using the tariff.
• Premium battleship VIII level “V. I. Lenin” with unique camouflage, a slot and a commander with 10 skill points.
25 doubloons every day.


• Unlimited general premium account for the time of using the tariff.
• Premium plane of the VII level Yakovlev Yak-3T with a slot and a pilot with one free skill point.

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*** Premium account and premium equipment are available only for active subscribers of the “Game” tariff plan (that is, for players who have not disconnected from the tariff plan and are not in financial or voluntary blocking).

**** Premium account accrual format:
Premium account is accrued automatically as soon as you activate the package option. Then it will be charged 1 day every 24 hours. Thus, the accrual occurs for each subscriber individually, and not at some common time for all.
***** Please note: the crew with the Battle Brotherhood is awarded only once – the first time you activate the game option and assign the Tele2 number to your Wargaming account.

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