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The most complete list of tanks that will be withdrawn / converted to promotional (not premiums!) / Changed / added (111 PCs) in the 3.0 WOT Balance.

Remember, you have to keep these following tanks because, with the overhaul, they will be turned to premium ones:

L’elenco più completo di carri armati che saranno ritirati / convertiti in promozionali (non premium!) / Modificati / aggiunti (111 PC) nel bilanciamento 3.0 WOT.

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Ricorda, devi conservare questi carri armati seguenti perché, con la revisione, saranno trasformati in quelli premium:


SU-14-1 (what exactly it will not be clear with)


VK 30.01 (D)
Jagdpanther II


M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo
T71 DA


AMX 30 1er prototype
AMX 30 B

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United Kingdom:

Churchill Gun Carrier
Sherman Firefly



By purchasing these tanks you will not lose a single tank from the game! The release of the WOT Balance 3.0 is scheduled for late spring 2020

All tanks that will be withdrawn/converted:

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