World of Tanks – Special offers for March


And these are the special events for March:

Top of the Tree

March 5 – 20 and March 20 – April 5:  first half of March Swedish heavy tanks up to Tier X with Kranvagn in the main role. The second special event will most likely focus on German medium tanks, up to Leopard 1 . No big promises, but we’re 95% sure of it.

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Choose your difficulty level

March 7 – 10:  special event with up to 2.5x XP

Turn up your collection

March 14 – 17: discounts on various vehicles and garage spaces.

St. Patrick’s Day

March 21-24:  Luck of the Irish will bring a lot of reductions and prizes for you and your crews. 2x crew experience

XP fever

March 21-28:  The first days of spring will be extremely warm with this beloved special event.

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