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This Tuesday, a new revision to highlight the USSR double-barreled tanks in WoT went to the supertest. The output of these machines is scheduled for the very beginning of the year, in January 2020, and the whole action will begin with the KV-3 tank. This is one of the 3 “branches” of new content in World of Tanks for 2020.

Questo martedì, una nuova revisione per evidenziare i carri armati a doppia canna dell’URSS in WoT è andata al supertest. L’uscita di queste macchine è prevista per l’inizio dell’anno, a gennaio 2020, e l’intera azione inizierà con il carro KV-3. Questa è una delle 3 “filiali” di nuovi contenuti in World of Tanks per il 2020.


(USSR, HT-8, mechanics of double-barreled guns):

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• Reload time of guns (1/2): 8.5 / 8.5 sec (did not touch)
• Preparation time of a volley shot: 2 sec (did not touch)
• Reload reload lock time: 4 sec (did not touch)
• Change of guns: from 5 to 4 sec.


(USSR, TT-9, pumped, double-barrel gun mechanics):

• Gun reload time (1/2): 10.70 / 10.70 s for 10.5 / 10.5 s.
• Volley shot preparation time: 2.5 sec (did not touch)
• Reload reload lock time: 4 sec (did not touch)
• Gun change time: 5 sec (did not touch)
• Engine power: from 750 to 780
• Specific power: from 13.52 to 14.06


(USSR, TT-10, pumped, mechanics of double-barreled guns):

• Gun reload time (1/2): 11.25 / 11.25 sec. for 11.7 / 11.7 sec.
• Preparation time of a volley shot: 2.5 sec. (did not touch)
• Recharge lock time: 3 sec. (did not touch)
• Change of guns: from 5.5 sec. for 5 sec.
• Tower: front plate armor from 250 to 300mm

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Structure of the new Soviet backlight:

The transition begins with KV-3. It is necessary to accumulate about 65k of experience only purely on researching a new tank (approximately).

• 7 lvl – KV-3
• 8 lvl – Object 703 Option II (122) – prem from lootboxes NN 2020

• 8 lvl – IS-2-II
• 9 lvl – IS-3-II
• 10 lvl – ST-II

source – wotexpress

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