World of Tanks ST – Lost Paradise and Pacific Island maps – video preview

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WOT map prototype: “Lost paradise”

• Tech. name: 121_lost_paradise_v
• Size: 1100×1100
• Battle mode: Standard battle only
• Map type: New, prototype, summer

This is again the concept of an island, a large island in the middle of the sea with a mini-airport. This is already the 5th island prototype of the location on the supertest for WOT PC. Not one of them has come out yet.

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WOT map prototype: Pacific coast, blank

• Tech. name: 121_pacific_coast_v
• Size: 1200×1200
• Battle mode: Standard battle only
• Type of card: prototype, summer

A huge map 1200×1200 meters. And again the island, but this time more than the previous version. This is not even a new card, but a very much changed previous version of the new map “Lost paradise”. 6 concept island locations in total for the entire time on ST for WOT.

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