World of Tanks – Summer event 2022 – new 2d style – Warrior of the East


2D style “Warrior of the East” from 1.17.1 WoT. One of the best 2d styles of the game.

For the future summer event 2022 at the Iron Age Group of Companies.

“Warrior of the East” – “We remain in the memory of our accomplishments. The martial art that we learned from infancy is like a sharp sword, which is sheathed for the time being, but at any moment is ready to fight for a just cause. While the sun floods the fields again and again with its warmth, while the earth is being cultivated, while peace and justice reign in our lands, we are improving in spirit and body. Yes, we were born and bred to fight. Yes, they are
our destiny, they are the memory of our ancestors and the pride of our descendants. But if the swords remain sheathed, so much the better for everyone. For our deeds, we will remain in memory. But these deeds are not always war.

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Unhistorical. Installed only on tanks of 8-10 levels. You can apply large/stage decals, group: special. Price: 750 gold. ID: 646.

source – wotexpress

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