World of Tanks Supertest – British light tank A46

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The British A46 project started in 1943 to replace the USA’s Stuart, and later Chaffee, in British service. A contract was place with Vickers for a tank of 14 to 16 tons mounting a 77mm (as subsequently in Comet). Transmission and suspension were kept as simple as possible to reduce power loss at the sprockets, and the tank owed a good deal to the experience which had been gained from Harry Hopkins and Tetrarch. A46 was intended to be air-portable. The wooden mock-up led to many modifications, among them, being the substitution of a Meteorite V-8 350 h.p. engine in place of the 210 h.p. GMC6-71 motor originally proposed. Only a prototype was built and it was turned into an experimental APC named CT-26.


Il progetto britannico A46 iniziò nel 1943 per sostituire lo Stuart preso dagli Stati Uniti, e successivamente lo Chaffee, in servizio britannico. Fu stipulato un contratto con Vickers per un carro da 14 a 16 tonnellate che montava un 77mm (come successivamente il Comet). La trasmissione e la sospensione furono mantenute il più semplice possibile per ridurre la perdita di potenza dei pignoni e il carro dovette molto all’esperienza acquisita da Harry Hopkins e Tetrarch. A46 doveva essere aviotrasportabile. Il modello in legno ha portato a molte modifiche, tra cui la sostituzione con un motore Meteorite V-8 350 h.p. al posto del motore da 210 h.p. GMC6-71 inizialmente proposto. È stato costruito solo un prototipo ed è stato trasformato in un APC sperimentale chiamato CT-26.

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Tier: LT-6, UK, probably premium
HP: (?)
Engine power: (?)
Power per ton: 22.2 HP / t
Maximum speed / Reverse speed: 60 / -20 km / h
Rotation speed: 55 ° / s
View range: 370 m
Signal range: 450m

Hull armor: 31/20/15

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Turret armor: 35/20/20

Damage: 105/105/150
Penetration: 105/138/38
Reload time: 3.3 s
Dispersion at 100 m: 0.45m
Aiming time: 1.9 s
Limits for lowering / raising the gun: -9 ° / +20 °

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