World of Tanks Supertest – Concept 1B – new stats – nerf

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For the Concept 1B tank ( USA, HT-9, special), which is being tested in a super test right now, a second iteration has been released. The tank was slightly weakened, and yes, during the first iteration it had really good performance characteristics.

Per il carro Concept 1B (USA, HT-9, speciale), attualmente in fase di test in super test, è stata rilasciata una seconda iterazione. Il carro è stato leggermente indebolito e sì, durante la prima iterazione aveva caratteristiche prestazionali davvero buone.

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Change 2 iterations of Concept 1B:

• Reload time: from 9.752 to 10.548
• Rate of fire: from 6.153 to 5.688
• Damage per minute: from 2461 to 2275.3
• Aiming time: from 2.01 to 2.21
• Gun accuracy (spread per 100 m): from 0.345 to 0.364

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