World of Tanks Supertest – Gendron-Somua – tier 2 premium vehicle

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Gendron-Somua will be a premium level II vehicle . Gendron-Somua has a two-man crew: commander with additional competences and driver. In terms of gameplay, this vehicle will be similar to light tanks at its own level: fast, fast-firing and sensitive. Differences arise from the style of driving. Gendron-Somua is difficult to stop because you need at least half of the wheels to be destroyed. Its weapon is a 25mm gun.  AM 39 Gendron-Somua. Initial parameters:

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Tier: LT-2, France, premium 
HP: 140 
Engine power: 220 hp 
Power per ton: 31.74 KM / t 
Maximum speed / Reverse speed: 69 / -30 km / h 
Rotation speed: 34 ° / s 
Turret rotation speed : 42 ° / s.
View range: 280 m

Hull armor: 15/15/15
Tower armor: 15/15/15

Damage: 27/27
Penetration: 46/68 
Reload time: 2.1 sec. 
Spread per 100 m: 0.43
Target time: 1.8 s. 
Limit drop / lift works: -12 ° / +15 °

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To sum up: A fast vehicle, capable of occupying key positions to use a fast-firing gun. The fate of this armored vehicle and its precise statistics depends on the test results. Follow the news and good luck in battle!


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