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ISU-152K (USSR, TD-8, premium) – the new premium tank went to the WoT super test this afternoon for testing. A tank is about nothing but a legendary weapon. 

* Self-propelled gun ISU-152K (prototype name – Object 241K) was an upgraded version of the heavy self-propelled gun ISU-152, created during the Great Patriotic War on the basis of the IS tank. Modernization was carried out at LKZ in 1955-1958. As a result of the second stage of modernization, the ISU-152K compared to the ISU-152M increased the ammunition load for the main gun by a factor of 1.5 and increased the cruising range by increasing the capacity of the internal fuel tanks. Many of the newly introduced units and assemblies were unified with the T-10, T-54 and PT-76 machines.

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source – wotexpress

SU-152K. Initial parameters:

Tier: TD-8, USSR, premium
HP: 1,200
Engine power: 600 HP
Weight: 47.18 t
Maximum load: 52.60 t
Power per ton: 12.72 HP / t
Maximum speed / Reverse speed: 40 / – 12 km / h
Traverse speed: 22.95 ° / s
Ground resistance: – / – / –
View range: 360 m
Signal range: 730 m

Hull armor: 90/90/60

Turret armor: – / – / –

Gun: 152 mm BL-10

Damage: 750/750/950
Penetration: 286/329/90

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Rate of fire: 3.29
Average damage per minute: 2 470
Reloading time: 18.22
Spread at 100 m: 0.39
Aiming time: 3.26 s
Limits to lower / elevation of gun: -5 ° / +11 °

Number of shells in the ammunition warehouse: 30

A crew of 5: Commander, Mechanic Driver, Gunner and 2xLoader.

Camouflage Value:

  • Masking a stationary vehicle: 15.05 / 2.03% (for a stationary vehicle / for a stationary vehicle after the shot has been fired);
  • Masking a moving vehicle: 9.06 / 1.22% (for a moving vehicle / for a moving vehicle after the shot has been fired).

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