World of Tanks Supertest – K-91 Variant II – new stats and nerf – again

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Next, the tank will be randomly tested by supertesters and developers.  What it will be for is unknown.

And on November 17, the final 4th iteration of this tank was released, which was moved from level 9 to level 8. New edits of the updated K-91 Variant II (formerly K-91-2) on the supertest. This time, devs changed other characteristics and touched the armor.

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K-91 Option II (USSR, MT-8, premium). Changes regarding the third iteration of the supertest:

• Armor Protection of the front of the hull: from 175 to 140 nerf
• Armor Protection of the front of the turret: from 230 to 220 nerf
• Armor Protection of the sides of the tower: from 110 to 100 nerf
• Aiming time: from 1.92 to 2.11 nerf
• Dispersion on movement (max.): From 0 , 14 (7.70) to 0.18 (9.90) nerf

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•Dispersion on hull traverse (max.): From 0.14 (7.30) to 0.18 (9.39) and nerf

source – wotexpress

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