World of Tanks Supertest – M60 and 121B – new stats – all changes

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Bonds tanks lvl 10 (April 2021). Iteration 1 on the WOT supertest.

The most detailed changes in the performance characteristics of the promo tanks lvl 10 that players can buy on the Bonds market.

M60 (USA, MT-10, promo). Changes relative to 1.12

• Changed the tank class: with the “Promotional” to “a premium” (most likely error)
• Removed the tank tag: “Unique” (most likely error)
• forehead armor of the tower: from 177.8 to 254mm

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121B (China, MT-10, promo). Changes relative to 1.12

• Dispersion on movement (max.): From 0.14 (7.00) to 0.14 (7.70)
• Rate of fire: from 7.19 to 7.73
• Loading of the gun: from 8.34 to 7.77
• Average damage per minute: from 2,805 to 3,013
• Average damage per minute from a high-explosive projectile: from 3,453 to 3,708
• Hull forehead armor: from 130 to 135mm
• Turret frontal armor: from 240 to 275mm
• PRotection of the sides of the tower: from 160 to 200
• Maximum forward speed: 50 to 55
• Maximum reverse speed: 20 to 25

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source – wotexpress

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