World of Tanks Supertest – new premium – German Kampfpanzer 07 RH

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Kampfpanzer 07 RH – new premium tank, level 8 in the game that the developers released for ST testing yesterday.

A new premium tank Kampfpanzer 07 RH (Germany, MT-8, premium) has entered the supertest today. The short name: Kpz 07 RH

This MT will also be released only in 2021, for what and how is unknown.

In the early 60s, in parallel with the Standardpanzer program, the development of lighter vehicles began. In the course of preliminary design, various options for power plants, chassis, crew accommodation were worked out. Common to all projects was the swinging tower of the original design. The project did not progress beyond the preliminary design, although one of the variants of the swinging tower was realized in metal and tested on a modified Leopard 1 chassis.

Kampfpanzer 07 RH – nuovo premium livello 8 nel gioco, che gli sviluppatori hanno rilasciato ieri per i test ST.

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Un nuovo premium Kampfpanzer 07 RH (Germania, MT-8, premium) è entrato oggi nel supertest. Il nome corto: Kpz 07 RH

Anche questo MT verrà rilasciato solo nel 2021, per cosa e come è sconosciuto.

All’inizio degli anni ’60, parallelamente al programma Standardpanzer, iniziò lo sviluppo di veicoli più leggeri. Nel corso della progettazione preliminare, sono state elaborate varie opzioni per motorizzazione, telaio, alloggio dell’equipaggio. Comune a tutti i progetti era la torre oscillante del progetto originale. Il progetto non è andato oltre il progetto preliminare, sebbene una delle varianti della torre oscillante sia stata realizzata in metallo e testata su un telaio Leopard 1 modificato.

Kampfpanzer 07 RH. Characteristics for a 100% trained crew:

Tier: MT-8, Germany, premium
HP: 1,350
Engine power: 700 hp
Weight: 30.0 t
Maximum load: 31.0 t
Power per ton: 23.33 KM / t
Maximum speed / Reverse speed: 65 / – 25 km / h
Swing speed: 57.37 ° / s
Turret rotation speed: 52.15 ° / s
Ground resistance: – / – / –
View range: 380 m
Signal range: 750 m

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Hull armor: 115/75/25

Turret armor: 80/60/60

Gun: 9 cm Kanone RhD

Damage: 200/200/320

Penetration: 205/255/90

Rate of fire: 11.38
Average damage per minute: 2,276
Reload time: 5.27 s
Spread per 100 m: 0.35
Aiming time: 1.44 s Lowering
limitations / gun elevation: -9 ° / +15 °

Shells: 50

4-person crew: Commander, Driver-mechanic, Targeter and Loader.

Camouflage Value:

  • Masking a stationary vehicle: 14.36 / 3.23% (for a stationary vehicle / for a stationary vehicle after firing a shot);
  • Masking the vehicle in motion: 10.77 / 2.42% (for a moving vehicle / for a moving vehicle after firing a shot).

source – wotexpress,

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