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Today in the afternoon, the 5th iteration of the Strv K tank was released for the WoT supertest. Although the Swedish tank was added to the main client for a long time (patch 1.9), they returned again to refine it for the supertest..

This happens rarely because in fact it was already almost released in April 2020, but apparently, WG changed plans.

Oggi nel pomeriggio è stata rilasciata la 5a iterazione del carro Strv K per il supertest WoT. Nonostante il carro armato svedese sia stato aggiunto al client principale per molto tempo (patch 1.9), sono tornati di nuovo per rifinirlo per il supertest..

Questo accade raramente perché in realtà era già quasi uscito nell’aprile 2020, ma a quanto pare, WG ha cambiato i piani.

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Strv K (Sweden, HT-9, promium?). Changes since version 1.12.
• Changed the tag of the tank: from “Promotional” to “Premium” (?)
• Removed the tags of the tank: “Secret” and “Unique”
• Added the tag of the tank: “Tested”
• Dispersion from movement (max.) : from 0.28 (11.20) to 0.20 (8.00)
• Dispersion on hull traverse (max.): from 0.28 (13.14) to 0.20 (6.26)
• Dispersion from turret traverse (max.): from 0.08 (3.34) to 0.18 (7.51)
• Dispersion at 100 m: from 0.32 to 0.33
• Aiming time: from 1.73 to 2,21
• Main projectile: from APCR to AP

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• Armor-piercing: from 249 to 252
• Armor-piercing at 500m: from 212 to 242
• Armor penetration by APCR shell: from 298 to 310
• Armor penetration for APCR at 500m: from 282 to 290
• Initial flight speed of an armor-piercing projectile: from 1,008 to 1,080
• Initial flight speed of an APCR projectile: from 1,523 to 1,350
• Initial flight speed of a high-explosive projectile: from 640 to 900
• Chassis traverse speed: from 46.93 to 31.29

source – wotexpress

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