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Last Saturday, July 25, a new tank entered the WOT supertest: М24Е2 Super Chaffee (USA, LT-6, oremium). Short name: Super Chaffee.

* How to get the? – 95% that Super Chaffee will be awarded as part of the 2020 WOT Deserved Award (Veteran Award 2020).

** After the adoption of the M24 light tank, its base was used to test technical solutions for promising light tanks. R&D ended in 1953 with the adoption of the M41 “Walker Bulldog” light tank. Not a single prototype was made.

Sabato scorso, 25 luglio, un nuovo carro armato è entrato nel supertest WOT: М24Е2 Super Chaffee (USA, LT-6, oremium). Nome corto: Super Chaffee.

* Come ottenerlo? – Il 95% di quel Super Chaffee verrà assegnato come parte del WOT Deserved Award 2020 (Veteran Award 2020).

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** Dopo l’adozione del leggero M24, la sua base è stata utilizzata per testare soluzioni tecniche per promettenti serbatoi leggeri. La ricerca e sviluppo terminò nel 1953 con l’adozione del leggero “Walker Bulldog” M41. Non è stato realizzato un singolo prototipo.

M24E2 Super Chaffee. Initial parameters:

Tier: LT-6, USA, premium
HP: 670
Engine power: 550 hp
Weight: 19.13 t
Maximum load: 21.0 t
Power per ton: 28.75 KM / t
Maximum speed / Reverse speed: 56 / -21 km / h
Swing speed: 47.98 ° / s
Turret traverse speed: 40.68 ° / s
Ground resistance: – / – / –
View range: 380 m
Signal range: 777 m

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Hull armor: 25/25/19

Turret armor: 32/25/25

Gun: 75 mm

Damage: 115/115/185 Penetration:
Penetration: 120/155/38

Rate of fire: 15.65
Average damage per minute: 1,799
Reload time: 3.84 s
Spread per 100 m: 0.42
Aiming time: 1.63 s Lowering
Depression / Elevation limit: – 10 ° / + 15 °

Shells: 70

5-man crew: Commander, Driver-mechanic, Sight-shooter, Radio operator and Loader.

Camouflage Value:

  • Masking a stationary vehicle: 14.25 / 3.33% (for a stationary vehicle / for a stationary vehicle after firing a shot);
  • Masking the vehicle in motion: 14.25 / 3.33% (for a moving vehicle / for a moving vehicle after firing a shot).

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