World of Tanks Supertest – Turning point – new winter map

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Last Thursday the pack of maps was released for the WOT supertest again. 3 completely new prototypes and next iterations for two previously released map prototypes: “Graf Zeppelin” (2nd iteration), “Island 2020” (3rd iteration). Minor changes on prototypes are of little interest, so let’s take a look at each of the new blank maps separately and in detail.

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1. 119_turning_point_if – Turning Point
2. 118_sommar_gg – Sommar.
3. 77_tropika – Tropika (“Tropica”).

New WOT map prototype: Turning Point, blank.

• Tech. name: Turning_point_if
• Size: 1000×1000
• Battle mode: Standard battle only
• Map type: New, prototype, winter

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the setting of the map represents the “Eastern Front”, a certain village in the USSR. It’s a prototype of the winter map.

Mini-maps and detailed fly-over of the map in front of you.

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