World of Tanks – The Boys – unique and special crews


A unique partner crew in the framework of a collaboration with The Boys.

Dedicated to all fans of the series “The Boys”. Unique crew of 8 tankers. 2 teams (“Seven” and “Boys”), 2 crews total.

• Seven (The Seven): A team of highly questionable superheroes from the TV series “The Boys”. Heroes perform both feats and nefarious deeds, and because of their superpowers often go unpunished.

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Commander: Homelander – Patriot, John (Stronghold)
Gunner: Black Noir (Black Darkness)
Driver Mechanic: A-Train – Train-A (Rocket)
Loader: The Deep – Underwater, Kevin (Deeps)

• Boys (The Boys): Ordinary guys whom these superheroes annoyed enough and are now trying to get rid of them by any means. That doesn’t always work out. But they certainly can spoil their mood.

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Commander: Butcher – Billy “The Butcher” Butcher
Gunner: Hughie – Hugh “Hughie” Campbell
Driver Mechanic: Frenchie – Frenchie
Charger: Mother’s Milk – Marvin

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