World of Tanks – the future of the game – exclusive pictures

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From WoTLeaks, here you are some exclusive pictures that talk about the future of World of Tanks.

The gallery starts with…

Double Barreled tanks – January (?)

New skin for tier 10 tanks (?) – you can see a picture of Leopard’s new skin (?)

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Japanese tank destroyers – Type 5 Ho Ri, taken from War Thunder

Swiss tanks, as the MOWAG Taifun II tank destroyer (in the picture below), a version without the smoothbore gun.

and Panzer 74, a Swiss MBT, prototype version, without a smoothbore gun:

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source – wotleaks


  1. Onyx 29 December 2019 13:56

    Hi is not a skin for tank is juste the OF-40 ITALIAN heavy tank

  2. GreenMaskEnergy 29 December 2019 14:41

    #1 italian heavy tank Leone Main Battle Tank / 40 Mk.1
    #2 Type 5 Ho-R I japanese TD
    #3 Swiss Mowag Taifun Mk.II TD with 105mm L7 cannon in 1970’s.
    #4 Swish heavy tank Panzer 74 with the Variante D

  3. KodrutZ 29 December 2019 18:02

    The Taifun is taken from Armored Warfare, lol.