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TL-1 LPC – The Offspring Tank in 3D Pretty Fly!

Get ready to pacify a truly outstanding tank inspired by punk rock. Wargaming and legendary California punks The Offspring have joined forces to create the most rocker machine on the battlefield – the TL-1 LPC with the cool 3D Pretty Fly style!

Premium shop EU

* A set with a tank is available in the Premium Store from October 1, 14:00 (GMT) to October 15, 09:00 (GMT).
** You can purchase a kit only 1 time per account, price: EU 39.99

1. Cool crew. The Offspring as a crew! All crew members have already learned the skill of “One Blood”, which works similarly to “Combat Brotherhood”, as well as enough experience to fully learn the next skill or ability.
• The skill of “One Blood” is considered zero, that is, the subsequent skill is studied as the first, not the second. The crew (except Commander Dexter) can be transplanted to other American equipment or retrained in other specialties. When retraining, the skill “One Blood” is not reset.
2. Exclusive voice acting. Recorded by Dexter and Noodles. When playing on the TL-1 LPC, you will listen to their peppy combat teams, as well as conversations among themselves, friendly skirmishes and jokes.
3. Unique 3D style with the “Pretty Fly” style, your tank resembles a concert stage and embodies the rocker spirit of The Offspring, bringing together the power of technology and music.
4. Special soundtrack (attached to this post). The main track of the tank is the hit song “The Kids Aren’t Alright”. It will sound in several versions, accompanying you in each battle and raising morale.

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