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27th bundle WOT Prime Gaming (Twitch Prime) for the month of May 2021.

The preliminary name of the package is “Let’s Rock!” This is a nice set with no collaboration whatsoever. There has been no 2D style in Twitch Kits since last year.

The mechanics of choosing rewards are familiar (2 out of 6) + guaranteed gifts. REMEMBER, after making a choice, nothing can be changed!

• A choice of 2 items out of 6:
1. ?? *
2. ?? *
3. ?? *
4. ?? *
5. Chain missions for x5 experience (for a victory).
6. Rations for crews.

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* It is not known yet, there will be an additional and separate post with tanks set in advance.

• Guaranteed, all this upon receipt of the package, 100%:
1) Special 2D-style: “Headliner” (Let’s Rock!) 1 pc: issued forever. Suitable for any tank.

Unhistorical. Suitable for vehicles of any nation and level. Step decals can be applied. Group: special. Price: 750 gold.

2) Unique Large decal: “Forged by fire”.
* Decal issued to the participants of the “Live broadcast” promotion.
Unhistorical, 1 by 1 format, direction from right to left, can be flipped. Group: Specials, tag: Twitch May 2021. The price is 150 gold.

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3) The number of Tank Premium Account increased several times.
4) New medal “Rock Star”.
* Medal given to the participants of the “Live broadcast” campaign.
5) A lot of knowledge base for x5 experience (for a victory).
6) And everything else is as usual here (equipment, monthly Combat missions, etc.).

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