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39 WOT Bombardier Prime Pack from Prime Gaming for November 2022 is already on your screens.

The official dates for the Live Stream promotion for Striker Pack 39 are from November 22, 20:00 to December 13, 20:00, 2022.

This promotion is available for all regions except RUBY (Lesta). EU is possible.

Changes in the 39 Bombardier pack:
1) Pay attention to the actions of this set. This is a short package, only half a month.
2) For the fifth time in a row, almost all (this time all) high-level tanks are offered for rent. We continue to wait for nines for rent.

And now the full composition of the 39 Amazon set

From the proposed list of 6 things, you can choose 2 pcs. Make your choice consciously, gifts cannot be changed!

1) Premiun tank lvl 8 IS-3 with MZ for rent for 10 days + 100% crew and the ability to buy with a 15% discount.
2) Premium tank lvl 8 Lansen C for rent for 10 days + 100% crew and the ability to redeem with a 15% discount.
3) Premium tank lvl 8 HWK 30 for rent for 10 days + 100% crew and the ability to redeem with a 15% discount.
4) Premium tank lvl 8 T-54 the first sample for rent for 10 days + 100% crew and the ability to redeem with a 15% discount.
5) 5 BR for x5 experience (for victory).
6) 5 pcs. Doppayok ​​(USSR).
* 2 selected tanks are available for rent, within 10 days of receiving the Bombardier pack. If you want them to stay with you forever, you can buy them using the discounts included in the package:
– IS-3 with MZ (15% discount): 875 UAH
– Lansen C (15% discount): 547 UAH
– HWK 30 ( 15% discount: 476 UAH
— T-54 first sample (15% discount): 633 UAH

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They can only be redeemed in the premium store (on the website, for real money) within 90 days after the start of the package distribution (beginning of the promotion itself). Those. until February 20, 2023. After receiving the set, you will immediately open ALL 4 offers for the purchase of tanks from this set in the premium store.

Here everything is as usual, familiar to us. Just gifts that you will receive in any case immediately after connecting this set.

1) Ferenc [1 pcs.] – a unique commander with the Sixth Sense skill, as well as the Repair and Jack of All Trades skills forever!
* The commander is available to all nations, has a limited time for recruiting! The Sixth Sense goes like zero perk. You can’t change your specialty.

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2) Special Large decal: “Starting whistle”. [3 pcs]
3) Special Large decal: “The winning goal”. [3 pcs]

4) 1 day of Tank Premium Account.
5) 10 BR for x5 experience (for victory).
** Plus, you can get 10 more for completing Combat missions of the 39th set (until December 13).
6) New medal: “Game for All Seasons”.
7) Combat missions 39 of the Bombardier set.

For 6 BR in total you can get:
— 2 times more crew experience. 10 times a day (220 times in total, if no gaps).
– 15 Large repair kits.
– 10 Large First Aid Kits.
– 10 Automatic fire extinguishers.
– 1 equipment: Improved ventilation (Class 1) (when selling 300,000 silver)
– 1 dismantling kit.
— 10 additional combat missions for x5 experience for a victorious battle (performed on vehicles with a “removed” star for the first victory).

*** Tasks are available until December 13, 2022 13:00. Resetting tasks occurs every day. Rewards for completing combat missions are summed up subject to all conditions and restrictions.

This is the complete contents of November 2022 Bombardier Pack 39.

source – wotexpress

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