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Historical Varan 3D style for the Object 780 tank.

For the Design Bureau 2022 event

It has a unique feature: a license plate. In total, as part of the event in the RU region, it will be possible to get almost 40,000 of these. Each comes with a unique number. The number indicates how you purchased this 3D style in the KB 2022 event

Varanus – “The whole bureau is already watching football. Who is on duty today? Berentsev! “We’ll tell you everything, Berentsev”, “There’s only an hour’s work here, Berentsev.” Here’s Berentsev for you! Thank you, even though the light was not turned off for me here. Or they could have locked them up, like the last time for a day, when everyone went to the 403rd plant to coordinate the documentation. From food – to tea with bergamot. They apologize. Let’s give you time off. Sanatorium out of order. I’m going crazy with this painting of yours. The head is already square; I mix up the numbers, and skip some – the whole game is down the drain. And it was necessary to delay even longer with the delivery of the order. By morning I would finish, but sooner I’ll end here myself … with these stencils. Do you watch football? Do you like it? “It’s only an hour’s work, Berentsev.” Yes, for an hour I just cleaned this airbrush, which, it seems, even under Octavian, painted the Roman gates.

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And also choose a name … He won’t go to the unit under the factory index, we just took him out of the blue. Historical. Group: special. Price: 3000 gold. Tank only: Object 780. Maximum per account: 1. ID: 605.

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