World of Tanks – Version 1.4 – HWK 30 – change of technical parameters

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After the tests, it was decided to introduce changes and corrections to the German Tier VIII Premium Light Tank. Here’s what changed:

Dopo i test, è stato deciso di introdurre modifiche e correzioni al carro leggero Premium Tier VIII tedesco. Ecco cosa è cambiato:

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HWK 30. Features:

Engine power:900 hp   800 hp
Power per ton:32.14 HP / t   28,57 KM / t
Range of view:400 m   410 m

Cannon: 90 mm Rheinmetall DM1M

Damage: 240/240/320

Penetration: 178/250/102 Rate of fire:7.821   8.69
Average damage per minute:1,877.1   2,105.7

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Reload time:7.671 sec   6.904 s

Spread over 100 m:0.355   0.345
Aiming time:1.92 s   2.11 s

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