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WGNA is preparing a new tournament  with a new format, 30 v 30 Grand Battle for clans in Global Map with rich prizes:


Prizing are considering that you will be playing on event accounts and will not be spending your own credits on ammo, consumables, and repairs.

Right now, we will only be announcing the 1st place Prize – 20,000 Gold to the Clans Treasury, 20,000 Industrial Resources, each member of the winning clan will get 2,000 bonds and a new style. There will be other prizes (probably along the same lines but less) for everyone participating but we would like to see how many clans sign up before fully announcing. Be advised: not showing up to a battle that your team is scheduled for will result in your team losing some to all the prizing and may result in your clan being disqualified from the Tournament.

Follow the link for all details: wgna forum post

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