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Fictional “Tiger Claw” 3D style for the WZ-114 tank.

It will be available as part of the Hidden Tiger Lunar Marathon (January 2022). But only for 2 chapters!

The marathon is the first to use a progressive 3D style (as in BP, consisting of several stages). This 3D style, however, does not have 4 stages, but only 2. The style also has red Chinese lanterns.

Tiger Claw

“The best defense is an attack? Fools! Having gone through thousands of “exhausting” training in your famous monastery, you have learned how to attack the enemy, but you have not understood the main thing. Initiative! This is what brings victory. You go into battle over and over again, use the same techniques, and think that you have mastered at least some style. Funny. I repelled your every attack before you even thought about it. The horror and delight from the “claw of the tiger” are still in your eyes. The initiative is not just your favorite and perfected strikes. You need to act ahead of the curve and overcome hardness with firmness: counterattacks, sweeps, jerks, and constant, you hear, CONSTANT PRESSURE on the enemy. For eight hundred years I have been looking for a master equal to myself, but it seems that he is not among you … “

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* Fictional. Progressive style, number of steps: 2. Can apply large/step decals, group: Special. Maximum per account: 1. Tank only: WZ-114. Price: 4000 gold. ID: 594.

source – wotexpress

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